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Warner Bros. to sue Trump's use of the music of "The Dark Knight Rises": report

Reportedly, Warner Bros. plans to take a legal action against the White House after President Trump tweeted a video of the campaign Tuesday with the music of "The Dark Knight Rises".

The complaint for copyright infringement will state that the video uses an instrumental track from the film entitled "Why do we fall?".

"The use of Warner Bros." "The Dark Knight Rises" soundtrack in the campaign video was not authorized, "Warner Bros. said in a statement." We are working through the appropriate legal channels to remove it. "

The campaign video, which runs like a movie trailer, opens with aerial views of Washington, D.C. along with the subtitles that say "they ignore you first, then they laugh at you, so they call you racist".

After a series of Trump shots at the rallies, a descendant of Air Force One along with his other critics, the subtitles read: "Your vote proved they were wrong". A graphic at the end says "Trump the great victory 2020".

Show footage of former President Obama, Clinton and Trump himself in various events – all set against the background of the dramatic soundtrack "The Dark Knight Rises". The video also uses the same character as the film's titles, reports Variety.

At 1:20 am EST the video had been disabled "in response to a report by the copyright owner," Twitter wrote. Before it was removed, the video had gathered more than two million views. The White House has yet to comment on the seed.


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