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Video of the movie "Yousef"

Gulf 365 – Egypt

We are following our readers with you today the details of the news on the loss of the video of the victory and of the director Khaled Youssef for them, for all those who wish to see the reality of the video of the victory and Khaled Youssef.

It seems that the video leaked by Khaled Youssef with a series of artists and celebrities has become obsessed with a large number of media organizations that hasten to send a new story or scandal against Khaled Youssef for the lead role.


In the last hours, the news has circulated through social networking sites, especially YouTube, claiming that there is a hot porn video between the artist Nasr and Khaled Youssef.

After reviewing these news and videos it turned out to be fake, but people entered it through the YouTube Medbalij site to earn thousands of views.

Director Khali Yousef has been exposed to popularize a series of sexual videos with a series of artists such as Mnni Farouk, Shaima Haj, dancer Kamlia, presenter Rana Huwaidi and business woman Mona Ghadhban.


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