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Video of Shaima El Hajj and Mona Farouk and Khaled Youssef Al Mesrab complete

Video link Shaimaa El Haj and Khaled Youssef Kamel 2019, watch video Mona Farouk Kamel 11 minutes, continue Video Shaimaa Haj and Mona Farouk Yarksun exclusive YouTube HD without deleting Mona Farouk videos.

Video of Mona Farouk Kamel 11 minutes without cutting, video connection Mona Farouk sexual, full details of the scandalous video of Muna Farouk, video Mona Farouk with Shaimaa Haj Kamel without cutting YouTube, following exclusively the latest developments of the video Mona Farouk and Yamah Al – Farouk the last with Khaled Youssef in Egypt.

The video of the pornographic video of the Egyptian artist Mona Farouk, half-naked dress with the Shiites of Hajj dancing on a song, which left a huge media hype.

The complete video of the scandal of the circulation of the artist Mona Farouktm in many social network sites came from the pioneers of "Facebook", the character of the irony that the actress known in the video appears almost naked, wearing only the interior, what some thought the artist was accompanied by friends in one of the apartments, as explained in most comments.

According to the video, which was published on Twitter and subsequently deleted, there was a belly dance between the Egyptian actors Mina and Farouk and Shaima, wearing only underwear, and they seemed to be almost in a coma, and seemed not to to be afraid of scandal, as the camera was moving them in silence and without confusion, the man he talked to and asked them to get rid of the single piece on each of their bodies, and actually removed the remainder and became completely naked.

Shaima El-Hajj and Mona Farouk are silent

So far, no comment has been released by Shima al-Haj or Mona Farouk on the leaked video, but not only, but websites have written that a second part of the video has also been leaked.

The actress Mona Farouk appeared in a video without dancing and the effects of Mona Farouk's controversy on social networking platforms and has a video scandal Mona Farouk and Shaima Haj and they dance without clothes on the follow-up and high percentage on the sites and bearing the title of the research video Shima Farouk without cancellation, Farouk Al – Fahih.

"I've never seen a video like that in my life, not even in the movies that specialize in this sexual act, but belly dancing has prevailed among the Egyptian actors Muna, Farouk and Shaima El Haj, both of whom are intimate."

It seems that Shaima al-Hajj and Mona Farouk are very close friends, and they were almost in a coma, from the slightest awareness or fear, and we don't know if they knew the man with them was filming them because the camera was moving them comfortably and without confusion .. The man was talking to them and asking them to get rid of the single piece on the body of each of them, and they did and took away what was left of them, and it became like you gave me created, Eternal.


Was it someone who was represented and not attentive? No one can guess why a three-tier movie was shown in Montaga.

Were they dancing naked on the music of (O Ain Moulaitin), a famous song for the great Lebanese singer Samira Tawfiq, and we don't know if the song was released in Egypt?

The man he was filming with spoke to them in Egyptian dialect.

We don't know the date of the shoot, but the two actors were dressed in heavy bodies, and they were dancing with joy and laughter and conducting a review that we didn't know before.

The apartment is elegantly furnished, with classic furniture, antique wood, modern carpet and a sofa that faces north of the traditional honey-colored velvet.

Anyone who watches the movie more than once collects many details, including an office with lots of stacked cards, which means that the man is a "business man", but those offices are old business because no computer is on the disk.

Before the music became a classic, the man said words that were difficult to convey here, so the music switched to a musical presentation by Am Kulthum, the actor met and started performing another type of music.

There are other details and they are enough to be published so that every girl learns that she doesn't sell her body to cameras and men. It is a video that expresses a state of deviation, not of personal freedom, and no one who mourns.

I am with the freedom of women to love and do what they want as men, but reaching this point is a moral disaster that affects all environments and I hope the two representatives are poor and have to sell their bodies.


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