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Video: Baby falls out of the car and into traffic, is then rescued by Chad "Cheddar" Mock

One moment Chad "Cheddar" Mock prepared for a turn in a busy street in Mankato, Minn. The next one, he noticed that he was sprinting in traffic and trying to save a child in a car seat on the path of his truck.

"If it were not for me, I would never have believed it," Mock wrote on Facebook and added the angry emoji. "The child was fine, the parents came back, the ambulance and the police also checked the child.

"Good luck," he added. Mock did not respond immediately to messages that were looking for comments.

The incident was captured on the Mock dashboard camera just before noon Monday on Minnesota Street in Mankato, about 90 miles southwest of Minneapolis.

In the video a silver car for the truck of Mock accelerates in a bend near a Hy-Vee supermarket and then brakes. The back door on the driver's side flies open and the child – a 2-year old in a car seat tied with a pink overcoat and a confused expression – falls out.

The girl is sitting there while Mock stops his truck and gets out, waving his arms to grab the driver's attention. But the driver apparently does not see the wildly gesticulating man and drives away when the door is closed by the movement of the car.

Mock runs and picks up the girl while other drivers stop and get out of their car.

The rescue was reminiscent of a recent incident in Milwaukee in which a bus driver rescued an unattended toddler who saw them walking over a motorway viaduct. The toddler was cold when the driver brought the child to the bus, according to Reuters. The child's mother reportedly suffers from a mental health crisis.

The Mankato Public Safety Department said in a press release that the toddler who fell on the road on Monday was safely placed in the child seat, but that the seat and the car door were not particularly safe – both were made abundantly clear by Mock & # 39; s video.

Civil servants and paramedics who arrived a little later confirmed that the toddler was not injured. Authorities have not identified the child's mother, but said they are trying to put her children at risk and that they are not keeping a small child in a vehicle in check.

Officers did not release the name of the woman or said why she did not notice that her child had fallen out of the car.

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