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Video and photo & # 39; s – "The best of the houses of God" The first supplications of the Egyptian Sama of Ramadan 2019

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Posted: Sunday April 7, 2019 – 14:58 | Last updated: Sunday, April 7

"Wait for a surprise tomorrow …. Ramadan Karim" … With these words, Sama Al-Masri follows her followers on social networking sites for her latest work, which she is preparing for the month of Ramadan 2019.

Sama Al-Masri published several photos of her during the recording of one of the works in which she appeared in decent clothes and a headscarf. She did not reveal the details and only said that she was preparing a surprise for Ramadan.

And then published a few hours later on the same video during the recording of a prayer that says its words: "The best houses of God in the country are mosques … The best prayer to God to worship and cast over."

She said: "The start of the rehearsals for Ramadan, and the entire video on my YouTube channel … The comments on the video were closed and I only opened it because I knew I accepted the criticism, but Yarit Badb .. Ramadan Karim. "

Sama El Masry

The first prayer for Sama al-Masri in Ramadan 2019 entitled "The best of the houses of God"

Sama al-Masri re-announced Ramadan & # 39; s adultery adultery, which she announced in 2017 when she said she had completed a new religious program, "Parental Disobedience," which she would offer Ramadan in one of the month the large satellite channels.

She wrote on her account on Instagram: "Hateshvoa new need for you, my love that you like .. But I don't wear Hijab, the program presented what I am, so what I emphasized about people, and the program a new shift in my life, and Melosh relationship with my personal, My own king for one .. Create me. "

Sama El Masry

"If I laugh and make jokes, that doesn't mean that my life is bright, but the truth is that I don't want to find anyone sad, but I don't want to find anyone sad," said Sama al-Masri, a guest at Raghida Shalhoub & # 39; s Qatoota al-Rajala program on Al-Nahar television last February. I have learned to resort to God only in my imaginary spirit and I am indeed the one who stands alone for me. "

"I try very hard to stay away from wearing exciting clothing, and I do what I can. I always pray to God to improve my engagement." He accepts repentance, but people don't accept it. "

Sama El Masry

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