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VIDEO & # 39; S – "The Big Studio RTL Humor": the poster of the autumn of 2018

Former lawyer at the Paris Bar, Caroline Vigneaux has captured the public by his outstanding achievements. This 43-year-old comedian from Provence did a lot of effort in 2008 to follow the trade in her dreams and to travel through France to present her one-woman show. His shows are well written, the humor of the artist is corrosive and strikes every time.

His specialness? Improvisation. The actress perfectly mastered the art of surprising the audience every night. Witness his performance with his sketch Eve and Adam, where the spectators literally burst into tears. Which exploded in the eyes of the general public in the program of Laurent Ruquier, We only ask for laughter, returns more fit than ever with a second show, dubbed Caroline Vigneaux Croque the apple.

After the success of his first one-woman show, Caroline Vigneaux will happen to Ice Palace from 2 October 2018 to 10 November 2018.

Caroline Vigneaux in The Big Studio RTL Humor
Caroline Vigneaux in The Big Studio RTL Humor
Credit: Fred Bukajlo / SIPA / RTL

Alex Ramires

This is the phenomenon of this autumn 2018. Alex Ramires has seduced the public Grand Studio RTL Humor with his sketches the announcement and The gymfrom his great show Almost masculine. In this, the humorist of 29 years tells his life experiences. In particular, he tells how he, along with his companion, had to deal with the awkward behavior of his agent to find a home.

His one-man show is very successful because he wants to be sincere, far from clichés, who takes over everything. Alex Ramires will discover from the September 27, 2018 in the Comédie de Paris.

Alex Ramires in The Big Studio RTL Humor
Alex Ramires in The Big Studio RTL Humor
Credit: Fred Bukajlo / SIPA / RTL

Nadia Roz

It is a real fresh wind. Nadia Roz has a unique talent. Unveiled during the 2015 edition of Marrakech laughter, broadcast on M6, 39-year-old comedian happy spectators of the studio of Neuilly-sur-Seine with his sketches The role of my life and The multiplex.

With his one-woman show It feels good, Nadia gets a performance
jubilation with new sketches. An electroplating hooks, an oasis of
joy where she embodies a crowd of characters, animated by a joyful madness.

Be first last
Parisian dates
, Nadia Roz has fully prepared a version
remastered and recolored from his show to more than 100,000 spectators. The actress will follow on 21 September 2018 Festival of laughter in Bellevigny and on 13 October in Carry Le Rouet.

Nadia Roz in The Big Studio RTL Humor
Nadia Roz in The Big Studio RTL Humor
Credit: Fred Bukajlo / SIPA / RTL

Laurie Peret

She uses black humor and sarcasm as a person. Laurie Peret played her two sketches the accouchement and One-off life in the Grand Studio RTL Humor. In the shoes of a single mother at the end of the role, the young comedian tells all the problems caused by her motherhood and her new life.

Behind her very calm air and her apparent embarrassment, she says or sings without filter what goes through her mind, everything with her daughter's piano. Laurie Peret can be found everywhere in France. It will be the first of December 2018 Salins Theater in Martigues and February 14, 2019 at the Scénacle in Besançon.

Laurie Peret in The Big Studio RTL Humor
Laurie Peret in The Big Studio RTL Humor
Credit: Fred Bukajlo / SIPA / RTL
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