Home Entertainment "Unsuspicious": Internet users regret the original "The Fall" series

"Unsuspicious": Internet users regret the original "The Fall" series

This Thursday, September 13th, TF1 he was betting big on the launch of his new series called "Insospettabile". At the helm of this program, the successful actress Emmanuelle Seigner and the darkness Melvil Poupaud. For background decor, you might find a Paris gray; and for the spine, an investigator who tries to solve a series of murders. Printed "Création TF1", the series brought together all the ingredients for the sauce to bring and the spectators start the school year suspended from an unusual investigation. Only here, the promise has not been kept if we believe users who have spoken chirping

⋙ Who are the main players of Unsuspected on TF1?

Too slow, too predictable … The TF1 series has largely taken its place tonight. But for most viewers, the most embarrassing was the copy of the original series, The fall. While Melvil Poupaud wears the clothes of Jamie Dornan, Emmanuelle Seigner, plays the character played by Gillian Anderson. A pale copy that did not leave audience viewers, visibly disappointed by their TV party, as you can see below.

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