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Ukupnik told about Zelensky concert in Jurmala

The famous Russian musician Arkady Ukupnik in the studio of the program "Hello, Andrei" on the channel "Russia-1" remembered how Vladimir Zelensky arrived with a concert in Jurmala. This, he said, was a few years ago. Arkady Ukupnik noted that he himself often happens in this Latvian city and always attends concerts.

"It was something when it turned out that Zelensky was coming to Jurmala. It seemed that the army from Ukraine had landed in the city. A large number of citizens of this country. Flags everywhere. And I went to a concert with his participation, because it interesting for me. It was just a shock. As he drenched everyone, starting with the President of Ukraine. It was wildly talented, cool and even then it suggested that it wasn't that easy, "said Ukupnik, hinting. that Zelensky might have already made plans to go to the polls sooner or later.

The musician noted that many years ago, at the invitation of Zelensky, he played the lead role in one of the & # 39; s programs of Quarter-95. This, remember, a concert company that owns Ukraine's current presidential candidate. According to his confession he got a lot of pleasure from filming, because everything was done very professionally.

"Guys, what is Vladimir & # 39; s voice timbre. I judge as a musician. To hear his voice, I am sure that millions of women like being around him. He would not even have to do anything to beat them. , "Arkady Ukupnik noted.



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