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Trevor Nelson: my first kiss was from the bins

I can remember my first kiss … I think his name was Tracey and I think we were ten. He was a bit caught by the bins of the elementary school. I was definitely not Mr. Loverman as a child. "Trevor Nelson MBE is making me get hot under the collar – well, a little – because tomorrow night his Rhythm Nation show at 10pm on Radio 2 is, inevitably, dedicated to Valentine & # 39; This is not excessive considering that the music that this legendary DJ has long been a devotee of a soul is, in Nelson's words, normally speaking of "love gained or lost love or desired love".

In fact, love and music have long been together for this two-year-old dad, 55, out of the market. Fast forward from that forbidden kiss and it was the charm of one of his first big relationships in college.

"I once gave a girl a postcard saying," I do not know your name, I do not know your number, please fill in the blanks. "And this was due to the fact that he was filming for college with a record I had not imported into Japan," he says. "I'm not going to tell you what the album was, though – I'd lose credibility overnight! But it was jazz and it was the first album of the artist in question. It was more about who produced it. His name was Jeff Lorber. The boy who produced became the king of elevator music later. But me and the girl went out together for a few years! "

However, the course of true love has not always gone smoothly for Nelson.

"I have a great excuse for not having any games since I was young," he laughs. "We lived in front of my school and my mother was a baby-sitter so she was home all day, she could see the playground from the window, she knew exactly when school was over and she knew exactly how long it took me to cross I do not know how I sailed without my mother seeing, My game ended early.

'[These days] I would not call myself very romantic. I make the strange gesture. But I'm more suspicious of people making huge gestures. If you buy a large bunch of flowers, you have a sense of guilt written all over your face. Just say nice things once in a while! I think every day kindness gives you a Valentine's Day pass. I came out very rarely but I find something nice in most people. "

For those who want Valentine's Day in their rearview mirror tomorrow, he has two great tracks to recommend: Cry Me A River by Justin Timberlake, his favorite song for melting, and Young Hearts Run Free by Candi Staton, for those who they want to say about you & # 39; for all.

Laugh or cry: Justin Timberlake and Candi Staton (below)

& # 39; Cry Me A River talks about Justin's famous break with Britney Spears. The message is purely in music. He did it on a large scale. And we're honest, Justin is a bit more sensitive than Britney. He wanted a bad boy, he did not want Justin.

"And Young Hearts Run Free is for singleton who despise Valentine's, hates anyone who talks about it, hate you even mentioning it on the radio, I hate stores that have hearts of love in the window wherever you go. The opening of this song sums it up, really. "Young hearts, run free": just do your thing, do not be tied up – it's two fingers up to married life and all these things. "

For everyone else, his last Valentine's playlist is below.

"If restaurants were made this way, this would be Carlsberg-style, the last restaurant for Valentine's Day," he says proudly. "Instead of a guy who comes with a violin or a harmonica, or a Mexican hat, I would be there in the middle of you with a rose that opens with a little carillon that plays these five songs while you look into your eyes. "

If music were the food of love, keep on playing …

Songs to create the atmosphere

Let's take it – Marvin Gaye

This was one of the very first slow jam records I've ever played – maybe it was my first concert at the school disco or on some such occasion. It is a true icebreaker. People danced very slowly together during the day and this accelerates things at a rate of knots. Have I ever had it on Let's Get On On? It's too bad to make love. But I think that Marvin Gaye's Let It's On is one of the greatest love songs ever written.

Between The Sheets – The Isley Brothers

You'll think I'm salacious, but from the point of view of production and the way it was sung, the feeling – it's the sexiest song. It really was a forerunner of many R & B tracks from the 1990s. It's not an underground classic, but it's an Isley Brothers under-the-radar classic that's not talked about enough. Be sure to hide your pets and all because they too will start to react in a fun way to this and to Marvin Gaye. These are songs that even fish will be enthusiastic about.

Ascension – Maxwell

It was not a great success, but if you heard it you might know it. It was in the charts of the American soul. It's a glorious song, beautifully crafted over the years & # 90 which talks about putting someone on a pedestal. A smoother song does not exist.

Your love is the king – Sade

When he came out I thought, "Who the hell is this?" I had never heard anything like this coming out of the United Kingdom. It was just … there's this sexy horn that explodes. This song about adoration was beautiful and the frontwoman Sade Adu seemed ridiculously better than the song, too. He was genuinely cool.

Be without you – Mary J Blige

Mary J is known for pain and heartbreak. It's no longer about drama, I'm going down, I know what I mean? But this is a wonderful song and it has been a great success for her. The feeling is very strong and is delivered to perfection.

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