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Tina Malone cries after revealing James Bulger killer Jon Venables & # 39; identity & # 39; ruins & # 39; Disney vacation

Tina Malone said she felt "destroyed" after avoiding jail because she shared an alleged photo of James Bulger killer Jon Venables online.

The Shameless star has admitted in court that he has violated a worldwide ban on publishing something that allegedly reveals the new identity of Venables.

Today this morning the actress said that the consequences of her actions have been "terrible in my life".

Last week Malone received a suspended sentence of eight months.

The star was instructed to pay £ 10,000 for the costs of the case.

She told the ITV program that it means that she can't bring her daughter to Disneyland Paris this summer, but that she has learned her lesson.

In a tearing appearance, Malone, 56, said she was a "technophobic" who "never had a computer" and did not realize that her actions were illegal when she shared a Facebook message with a photo claiming Venables and his current one name in February last year.

Malone said she had seen the mail one night and added, "I just believed that everything on the internet, whether it's girls who beat someone or terrorists or whatever, it's legal. That's not it "

Asked by host Phillip Schofield if she had not seen the same stories about the dangers of sharing things on social media on the news, Malone said: "Of course I am not so crazy, I just thought that if there was something because of the current situation of the person involved, I just didn't know what I was doing was illegal.

"I was not going to turn on or provoke any violence or anything and it was more than a year ago, and the repercussions have been terrible in my life."

Malone told the program that just before posting the post on Facebook "she had just stumbled from a slump in January, that I had heavy antidepressants, that is no excuse, and I have had a difficult 18 months".

She said that a recent job in a television drama – her first acting in four years – & # 39; saved my life & # 39; but she still can't take her daughter on a trip this summer because of the fine.

With tears, Malone said: "For the past 12 months my husband lost his job, I hadn't worked and so we had a very difficult time, and it was my daughter's fifth birthday in December, and I promised we would bring her to Euro Disney in June.

"It was the third year in a row that we couldn't hold a birthday party for her, not even on her fifth birthday, so I got this new job in January, a new drama, great scripts … and then I got this through the mail ", she added, referring to the High Court summons for disregard for legal proceedings.

She said, "I thought I was going to lose the job and of course I was so sorry, and then I got a £ 10,000 fine, which means we can't go to Euro Disney, so I'll be lucky even go to the Disney store to buy her a Belle of Rapunzel. & # 39;

Malone said it was "all my fault" and that she learned her lesson, but she feels that she has dropped her family.

An "against the world" order was issued in 2001 prohibiting the publication of anything that claims to reveal the identity of Venables and Robert Thompson.

They have lived anonymously with new identities since they were released from life imprisonment for the abduction, torture and murder of James in 1993, when they were 10 years old.


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