"This m *** da is crazy": Cardi B reacts to the closure of the government and disturbs American senators. – RT in Spanish


The American rapper Cardi B has not overlooked the closure of the government in the United States, which set a record on Saturday and became the longest in the history of the country, and published it on its Instagram account on January 17 video in which he gave his opinion on the situation in the North American country.

"[El presidente de EE.UU., Donald] Trump orders now […] to federal government officials to return to work without being paid, "said the artist, adding that" this m *** da is serious "and" crazy ".

"Our country is hell now", repeated, adding that all this for the "damn wall". He then said that it was necessary to "take some action" and admitted that "he is afraid".

The star, which has nearly 40 million followers on Instagram, also recalled the & # 39; shutdown & # 39; (closing of the government) that took place in October 2013, when the Republicans refused the & # 39; Obamacare & # 39; to finance, noting that when the government was closed for medical care, "so that your grandmother can cheat her blood pressure".

Several democratic senators comment on the publication of the rapper in the social networks, which was accumulated at the time of publication of this article. more than 3 million & # 39; I like & # 39; and received more than 80,800 responses.

"I'm trying to decide if I want to retweet the Cardi B-video," said Senator Brian Schatz, a Democrat who was accompanied by Senator Chris Murphy of the Senate. he responded that "he had the same argument with himself". On the other hand, the leader of the party in the Senate, Chuck Schumer, also recognized that he did not know if he should share the recording. "We have decided not to do it", he replied Schatz added that this would not be suitable for a senator.

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