Home Entertainment This is how Peña Nieto's "girlfriend" reacted after the divorce was confirmed

This is how Peña Nieto's "girlfriend" reacted after the divorce was confirmed

After that Angelica Rivera has confirmed that she is devouring the former president of Mexico, the alleged new girlfriend of Peña Nieto broke the silence through her Instagram account.

The "courage" of Angelica Rivera has perhaps encouraged now "rival" of love, the Mexican model Tania Ruiz, who dared to publish a long message in which she says grate of the current moment that she is living in the wake of the "romance" that he holds with Enrique Peña Nieto.

"I deeply regret this painful situation for myself and our children, which is why I made the decision to divorce," was the blunt message from Angelica Rivera to announce that everyone was waiting.

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A few hours after Angelica Rivera published the message on her social networks, the new & # 39; of Peña Nieto has done the same through his stories on Instagram.

"What days … how much news! How many notes! How many calls! How many messages!" He wrote the 31 year old model whose photos in Madrid together with the former president of Mexico "broke the nets last week.

Photo: Instagram

"All that I embrace embraces him, I appreciate him! Truth, lies, positive things, light, darkness, but what is it all about? Thank you! Because this experience has given me the opportunity to see more than I could see in myself" , added Tania Ruiz in her publication.

Perhaps referring to his "new love", the model wrote: "Today I like the present! What I have and the only thing that really exists."

And he went further, adding: "Because I know that I deserve all the good that life has for me, and the same that I desire for you. Love is always the answer! The question does not matter."

The reactions to Tania Ruiz's message were immediate, through Instagram accounts that shared the publication, such as Despierta América and El Gordo y la Flaca.


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