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THERE. Guns Singer launches the shadow at Mötley Crüe for the "horrible" cover of "Like A Virgin"

THERE. GUNS frontman Phil Lewis cast a shadow a MÖTLEY CRÜE to record a cover of Madonna& # 39; S "Like a virgin" for the recently published biographical film "The dirt".

CRÜEThe interpretation of the great success of the pop superstar of 1984 is one of the four new songs for which the band has recorded "The Dirt Soundtrack", which accompanies the film and presents a collection of CRÜE classics that highlight the significant moments that shape the film.

Talking to Icon vs. Fan and media response icon a THERE. GUNS& # 39; Album of 2017, "Peace missing"and his retinue, "The devil you know", Lewis he said: "I think "Peace missing" opened many doors for us and people gave us a second chance when they knew it. We're not fucking around. You can feel it. We're not trying to make a country song. we are THERE. GUNS. We are not trying to do some kind of crossover or some horrible cover of & # 39; Like a virgin & # 39;. We're doing what we've always done, doing what we do best and going down like gangbusters. I don't care what the other groups are doing. Good luck to them; is fantastic. I'm just interested in this and I'm really happy with how things are going. "

MÖTLEY CRÜE bass player Nikki Sixx told Billboard that the idea of ​​recording "Like a virgin" he came to him while he was walking with his dogs, which he does at the end of each day as part of his meditation practice. "When my mind is open in this way, these ideas appear," he said. "IS [it] It popped into my head, and I seemed to look up, as if to laugh at God, and I went, & # 39; You're pretty funny. & # 39; "Though Sixx I initially felt it was "a really horrible idea" to cover the song, he told the producer Bob Rock about it, e Rock he replied: "Yes, I don't know. Good luck!" But Sixx impressed him and the drummer Tommy Lee with a rough demo he had cut, and the band completely reworked the track but left the lyrics intact.

"The devil you know" will be released on March 29th via Frontiers Music Srl.

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