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The world of the show is colored black by the new death (PHOTO) – Mundo Hispánico

The center of the show was colored mourning after the death of a famous actor who participated in & # 39; Marisol & # 39; with Érika Buenfil and Eduardo Santamarina, as well as & # 39; El Pantera & # 39 ;, in addition to other productions.

2019 was marked by the emergence of new faces in the world of show business.

Children of different celebrities have taken over the baton as icons of fashion and beauty.

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That is the case with the children of Eduardo Capetillo and Biby Gaytán, who have not kept surprising their fans with their unmistakable glamor.

Similarly, Alaïa, the daughter of Adamari López and Toni Costa, has become very famous for her charisma and tenderness that she has certainly inherited from her parents.

However, just as these names have revived the environment, others have unfortunately come a step further.

The national association of interpreters (ANDI) was responsible for the unveiling of the sad death of the interpreter Miguel Serros.

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In her Instagram and Twitter accounts ANDI published a photo of the actor accompanied by a text announcing his death.

"The Council Directive and the ANDI Mexico Monitoring Committee, announce the death of the Miguel Serros interpreter, remembering his participation in the productions of" Marisol "," El Pantera "and" Pesadilla Fatal "We are sending our family and friends our condolences, "you can read.

This news was accompanied by other comments from some members of the artistic world.

The theater actor Omar Ramírez wrote: "Rest in peace! Great partner!"

For his part, the manager and actor Alex Roka was one of the first to regret the news: "Rest in peace our friend and companion Miguel Serros."

In the same way, other followers expressed their feelings on different platforms: "Rest in peace", "I remember him", you can read it.


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