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The Voice: what became Jenifer's talent at the end of K.O. (PHOTOS) – news

Of the 18 talents that Jenifer & # 39; s team formed after the blind auditions, only eight are to continue the adventure, two of which with a different coach …

The voice On Saturday, April 6, a new event was inaugurated on TF1: that of K.O. Principle of this great step: drastically reduce the number of talents in each team. The first of the four coaches to practice was to separate Jenifer from most of the 18 candidates she chose for the blind auditions.

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As the next few weeks will be for the other three jury members, Jenifer saw each of her 18 talents on stage. At the end of each performance, the coach had to decide whether she had eliminated the candidate, whether she had kept him in his team or whether he had reserved his judgment for later by sending him into the "red zone" … with the risk to become the talent of stealing Mika, Julien Clerc or Soprano.

⋙ Jenifer (The Voice 8): "A career as a host? Why not!"

At the end of the KO phase, and before starting the duels, the coaches of The voice will have eight candidates in total in their respective teams: six directly qualified and two "stolen" in the "red zone". Who of Pupie, Ana Carla, Petru, Ilycia, Sidoine, Léona Winter, Ina Ich, Anton, Tania, Sherley, David Té, Marouen, Anne-Sophie, Arezki, Angie Robba, Ismail, Haze and Makja continue the adventure in the world . The Jenifer team? Who was saved by another coach? Who has been eliminated? The answer to photos in our slideshow.

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