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The sounds fade and no one turns around – but then …

  • The sounds fade and no one turns around – but then …

  • Yvonne Catterfeld
    I want to take off my clothes
  • The next episode is on Sunday (11.11.) At 20.15 hours on ProSieben.

The Voice of Germany 2018: all the news about the show

November 10: the sounds fade and no one turns around – but then …

When they are invited on Sunday for the eighth "Blind Audition", the jury members push it to the zenith. While Candida and Triple Mum Debora's father, 32, is entering the stage, everyone seems pretty excited at first. With the song "Can not Fight This Feeling" from REO Speedwagon she causes excitement among the coaches. Nevertheless, these keep their fingers still; no chair is running. The last notes have just faded, because the hands literally crack the buzzer. Suddenly the seemingly lost chance becomes a so-called "four-buzzer". The educator tried and tested in the internship is spoiled for choice. But for whom does she decide and will she make it as exciting as the jury?

November 9: Yvonne Catterfeld wants to undress

In the seventh "blind audition" of "The Voice of Germany" Yvonne Catterfeld made a suggestive remark about the candidate and the statements of the other jurors. Abdullah Azad, who fled to Iraq with his brother, performed the song "Naked" by James Arthur. With his emotional appearance, the 18-year-old convinced two teams: Yvonne Catterfeld and
Mark Forster
hummed for the Iraqis.

"You sang & # 39; I am standing here naked & # 39 ;, I am naked for you", Tried to lure Catterfeld Abdullah into her team. He smiled sheepishly, while Mark Forster complained of unfair methods: "You can not say that I'm going naked for you, and he's definitely coming to your team." Catterfeld tried to solve the misunderstanding. She did not "take off" naked, but rather in the figurative sense: "I mean: I seem to you my weaknesses, my insecurities, my doubts, because I believe you stop," said the 38-year-old. Abdullah, however, interpreted that, he actually chose coach Yvonne Catterfeld.

But Mark Forster was also successful: candidate Rahel Maas, who with his smoky, scratchy voice ("girl or boy, young or old?) Caused a lot of confusion in the judges, listened to her" gut feeling "" as she said after her performance and chose his team. In turn, there were Michic Beck and
disappointed. She, too, would have liked the 23-year-old to see her team.

November 8: girl or boy?

Rahel Maas succeeds in convincing the jury – and completely confused. Boy or girl, young or old – the 23-year-old from Cologne questions the coaches. She convinces with the song "Plans" by Inga Müller and gets standing ovations. But as the coaches turn around, the curtain falls away and the guesswork begins. Surprise on all sides, as the young woman from Goch shows. For which team does Rahel decide, who already plays in a separate band?

November 1: Michael Patrick Kelly immerses Mark Forster in "personal crisis"

Is the solution so close? Mark Forster will think about the fifth "Blind Audition" in the evening. Because jury colleague
Michael Patrick Kelly
puts the singer, who sings exclusively in German, a heavy silencer. Real stars would sing in English – so the former "Kelly Family" member tries to convince at least the first candidate of the evening, Philpp von Unold, 22. That clearly touches Mark Forster in the middle of the heart of the (musician). So he confesses Kelly, he has just plunged him into a "personal crisis". "I just made a few wrong decisions and now everything is in the ass!

The experienced coach also does not ignore the realization that he can not attain world renown as long as he sings in German. Time after time he brings the subject forward. Will Mark Forster quickly switch to English to advance his career? It would be possible. But it is also possible that the singer just wants to offer good entertainment and his & # 39; personal crisis & # 39; maybe not so dramatic …

November 1st: Who protects one of the last places?

Slowly it gets tight in the teams of the coaches. In the fifth "Blind Audition" the candidates go over everything again. Because the places in the teams "Fanta", "Yvonne", "Michael Patrick" and "Mark" are scarce. There must be the performances of the singers and musicians and their talents stand out. This can be achieved, for example, by the 23-year-old Eun Chae Rhee from the vicinity of Frankfurt. Because she confuses the coaches at the beginning of their performance. The question asked by the jury: which language does it sing? When the insertion of the chorus becomes clear – it is Korean. Whatever famous number she presents and whether she brings the chairs to run, we see this Thursday night at ProSieben.

29 October: Candidate Guido Goh stimulates the coaches – but nobody battles for him

We know & # 39; The Voice of Germany & # 39; actually different. Usually the show – and therefore the fourth episode and thus the fourth "blind auditions" – starts a tough race. Both the candidates and the judges are fighting with each other. But on Sunday we came across rather unknown scenes. The 48-year-old Guido Goh convinces not only the audience in the hall, but also all coaches.

The seats are turning and normally the exchange of coaches would start. But nothing there! The singer and musician has created a peaceful atmosphere among the celebrities with his version of "Crying In The Rain" by aha, so that they do not want to get involved again in a quarrel. Because there was enough controversy in the rest of the episode. And on Thursday the fifth "blind audition" continues. Then it's time to "release"!

October 27: Verbal bong for Yvonne Catterfeld

That was! The experienced jury member Yvonne Catterfeld received a considerable blow from one of the candidates at the third "blind audition". After she has missed the buzzer, she apologizes to Eros Atomus Isler. She had wanted to hum, but then left too much time. He reacted rather coolly: "I did not want to see you." Au, that must have hurt. The singer himself does not know how to react, laughs only slightly tormented.

But she will not be annoyed for long: she gets a new chance on Sunday (20:15 on Sat1). Maybe she learned this and pushes the buzzer on time.

October 25: fiancée of Jamie-Lee Kriewitz attacks

Attentive TVOG viewers will remember: 2015 won
Jamie-Lee Kriewitz
the fifth season of "The Voice of Germany". Only a year later she represented Germany at the ESC in Stockholm. Now her fiancé Fabian Riaz wants to follow her example. At the third "blind audition" he is confronted with the jury judgment. A detailed report is available here.

Jamie-Lee Kriewitz

Her fiancé arrives at The Voice


October 20: participant Giuliano de Stefano hits coach Yvonne Catterfeld in tears

In the second episode coming Sunday (October 21 / 20:15 on Sat1) it becomes emotional. Scaffold builder and freshman Giuliano de Stefano agrees with Donny Hathaway's "A Song For You". And so emotional and convincing that the experienced juror Yvonne Catterfeld still refuses to speak afterwards.

"I am very moved, even to tears, and then I had a moment when I had to think of Roger Cicero …" At this point she stops, she has to leave colleague
Michi Beck
to be comforted. "There was something in me that reminded me of this amazing, amazing, unique singer, it was really great." If the rest of the coaches are the same, we will see them on the second "Blind Audition" on Sunday.

19 October: Mark Forster shoots himself off with an old "Kelly Family" number

He meant well; he gives everything. But in the fight for the candidate Coby Grant in the first episode of "The Voice of Germany 2018" the defeated musician and jury member Mark Forster must be defeated. The 32-year-old Australian captured the hearts of coaches with John Denver's "Leaving On A Jet Plane".

As usual, when different jury members are interested in a talent, there is intense competition between them. He drives Mark Forster to the limit. Aware of his mediocre guitar skills, he nonetheless resorted to the instrument and tried to win her heart (and her voice) through the "Kelly Family" classic "An Angel". His faux pas on guitar called the familiar and popular TVOG face in his usual funny way. But he still fails mercilessly and loses Team Fanta's singer.

New jury member Michael Patrick "Paddy" Kelly is doing well in the meantime and already scored two of the nine talents for his team during his very first show. No wonder! To prove his qualities, the former "Kelly Family" member places himself on the stage without mercy and makes it clear that only one person is responsible for the rock on the show.

October 18: Michael Patrick "Paddy" Kelly is in combat mood

Three, two, one – GO! On Thursday evening the first episode of the new, eighth season of "The Voice of Germany 2018" will be flashing on the screens of the Republic. For weeks, spectators, candidates and jury members have prepared for this day. The "blind auditions" have been turned off for weeks and are causing goose bumps and nervousness today.

Just like for a big boxing match, the coaches heat each other. Of course the focus is on the & # 39; new & # 39; among them: Michael Patrick & Paddy & # 39; Kelly. The musician, who has lived in a monastery for many years, is far from the tame monk at the shows.

"As a coach on & # 39; The Voice of Germany & # 39; I am the newcomer, and the other coaches are certainly already included, but as a musician I have the most years in the background and already on stage, as the others have practiced with the recorder "he beats his fellow fighters on the red chairs that fight.

One of the first talents opens the battle between the coaches. The 32-year-old Coby Grant from Australia even gets Mark Forster to show off his mediocre qualities on the guitar. Yvonne Catterfeld says enthusiastically: "You let the space shine, I really want to be your coach."

But there is also the experienced half of the Fantastic Four – Smudo and Michi Beck – as well as the former Kelly Family member. How the candidate decides and which of the eight other participants can win the jury's favor, we see – FINALLY – tonight.

October 9: jury and candidates are in the starting blocks

It can begin. The "blind auditions" are in the box, the judges have grown and a new coach Michael Patrick Kelly seems to have integrated into the team. They diligently post photos on Instagram and increase the audience's expectation for the first episode, which will be on display in ProSieben on October 18th. This is followed, as in previous years, by a change between ProSieben and Sat1.

June 20th: a jury chair changes ownership

In any case, the task of Samu Haber is newly assigned for the current problem. When "The Voice of Germany" starts on the 18th of October (starting on October 21st on Saturday 1) in the new season, Michael Patrick "Paddy" Kelly, 40, takes place on the red leather seat. As a member of the legendary Kelly Family, experience can not be missed. Whether he will reach both the audience and the popular Finn, the first show will have to show.

Among his jury colleagues he is mainly under the watchful eye of Mark Forster, 34. As an old TVOG-hare (he had three seasons for TVOG "The Voice Kids" behind him), Mark knows: "Paddy is, as & # 39; the new & # 39 ;, at first of course dangerous because I can not really judge him as a coach yet. "

May 19: Samu Haber announces his departure

Unfortunately fans will miss "Favorite Finn" Samu Haber, 42, singer of the band "Sunrise Avenue" this year. With a witty slip of the tongue and some exchange of strokes with the other colleagues, the experienced TVOG coach provided a lot of entertainment. Or he will return to the jury chairman is uncertain. In 2015, he had already left the jury's fee for the first time and only returned after a year's break.

The Voice of Germany

What became of the winners of TVOG?

The Voice of Germany 2018: jury & coaches

Michael Patrick Kelly

He is "the new guy" at "The Voice of Germany 2018". After his career with the Kelly Family, the singer also started solo. At least since broadcasts such as "Sing My Song – The Exchange Concert" and "The Voice Kids", he is well known to television viewers.

The Fantastic Four: Michi Beck & Smudo

The two rappers take place on the jury seats for the fifth time, making them the longest-running TVOG coaches. Twice they could help win their candidates (2014: Charley Ann Schmutzler, 2015: Jamie-Lee Kriewitz).

Yvonne Catterfeld

The singer and actress always gives everything for her candidates and in the last season she became the & # 39; enemy photo & # 39; from the colleagues & # 39; s. She was just too good in the candidates, which led to a nice match between the coaches.

Mark Forster

The 34-year-old joined a year ago at & # 39; the adults & # 39; and previously earned his spurs as a coach at & # 39; The Voice Kids & # 39 ;. Especially his played antipathy towards colleague Yvonne Catterfeld caused laughter among the spectators.

The Voice of Germany – that's how the show works

Since 2011, "The Voice of Germany" has caused a stir in the TV music scene. Over the years, the occupation changed in the Jurystühlen. However, the concept remained the same: in the so-called "blind auditions" the coaches have to rely on their hearing (and their feeling) and they do not see the candidate on stage. If you're interested, hit the buzzer, your chair turns and you get the talent for the first time. When several Jurystühle turn around, the long-established artists must compete for the favor of the next generation – only a coach or the duo Smudo, 50 and Michi Beck, 50, get the nod.

In the following weeks, coaching and individual battles, i. the candidates compete against each other. In the final episodes, the jury and the public decide together about the winner.

Tears at The Voice Kids

Syrian girl sings about peace – and everyone moves

"Give Us Childhood, Give Us Peace" – a song that was first found in 1985 by the young Lebanese Remi Bandali. Today it sings the five-year-old Ghina Bu Hamdan.

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Used sources: ProSieben, Sat1, Instagram

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