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Luis Miguel's career began not only because of his unquestionable talent for singing, by the impulse of important characters in Mexican politics and his relationship with the highest spheres, reaching the presidency.

He has been supported since the early 1980s Arturo Durazo Moreno, nicknamed "El Negro Durazo", head of the general management of police and transit of the capital of the country, position that has arisen thanks to his friendship with President José López Portillo.

Since his childhood contact thanks to his father Luisito Rey, with the Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI), it was no surprise the help of Luis Miguel for the inauguration of Carlos Salinas de Gortari on December 1, 1988, which the presidency assumed in the midst of allegations of fraud as a result of the fall of the voting system.

In case he was interviewed by driver Óscar Cadena, to whom he said: "It is a very important day for all Mexicans, because it is a day on which a new phase for our country begins. Not only the president has to work, but each of us in every task we do, We must strive to improve this country. "

Luis Miguel in the protest action of Carlos Salinas de Gortari, in 1988 (Video: YouTube)

Salinas de Gortari, just arrived at the presidency, celebrated the 15th birthday of his daughter Cecilia Occelli with a party organized in a gymnasium of the official residence of Los Pinos, in the Mexican capital. The person in charge of the party was Luis Miguel.

Singing for Mexican presidents and their families was not new to "El Sol." When he was a boy, he sang on May 29, 1981 at the wedding of Paulina, one of the daughters of President Lopez Portillo, because & # 39; El Negro Durazo & # 39; determined to support the then child prodigy.

The photo of both appeared in all media. Salinas was sold as the man who saved the idol and the singer as the star who had given everything for the country that had welcomed him. And it is that at the end of the eighties, due to the bad financial management of Luisito Rey, Luis Miguel was on the brink of bankruptcywhen he built up a debt with the Mexican treasury of $ 20 million.

"It is not free that Salinas has given him nationality so openly, because it meant a media premium for both, a real PR strategy for the power, the artist and the entertainment industry. What does Luis Miguel receive in return? That your taxes are at peace ", he explained Infobae Eneas Mares, expert in image and political communication from the company Énfasis Corporativo.

The relationship between Salinas de Gortari and Gallego Basteri would have ended in the worst way if the versions that are distributed as an urban myth are true.

According to what is said by some people, including the seer Deseret Tavares and the journalist Jorge Carbajal, Luis Miguel would have died in the official residence of Los Pinos, where Carlos Salinas lived during his tenure.

"It was so much the excess of things that had to be Luis Miguel began to feel pain in his chest, he began to feel that he was drowning … They took him out to catch their breath and suddenly gave up the terrible whip & # 39 ;. When it falls, people gather and give the order to eliminate all people, "Carbajal explained.

What the Mexican journalist said, coincides with the version of the visionary Deseret Tavares, who was told by the letters that they buried Luis Miguel in Los Pinos, "but they have excavated it and reburied it in another place near water. ," he said. in an interview with Infobae Mexico.

The letters showed him that "El Sol" was beaten to death by two men at the request of "a former president or an extraordinarily powerful politician, a powerful person in Mexico." Luis Miguel was deformed, the beating killed him.