Home Entertainment The media "hospitalized" actress Alexander Yakovlev. - Ridus.ru

The media "hospitalized" actress Alexander Yakovlev. – Ridus.ru

Actress Alexandra Yakovlev has refused the reports of a number of federal media about her emergency admission to the hospital.

"Doctors save the ex-wife of journalist Alexander Nevzorov, who had a frenetic attack when she rested in her apartment and was taken to a hospital in the northern capital," REN TV reported.

Later, journalists called Yakovlev and took a note from her. "This is false information, I feel fine, we're not in the hospital, everything is fine," she said, adding that she was rehearsing.

The commentary of the star of Soviet cinema also succeeded in taking the FAN correspondent. Alexandra Yakovleva laughed and denied all rumors about the deterioration of her health, and said she "was still alive and preparing for the premiere". Yakovlev also thanked the journalist for his concern and suggested that "some enemies probably spread this nonsense."

Alexandra Yakovleva graduated in 1978 from the Leningrad State Institute of Theater, Music and Cinematography. She made her debut in the cinema a year later in the movie "The Crew". She also played in the famous films "The Magicians", "The Man from the Boulevard of Capuchins" and others. In 1993 she became involved in social and political activities, in 2012 she ran for the mayor of Kaliningrad and since 2016 she is a deputy of the city council of Kaliningrad.

Earlier, "Reedus" said that the artist Vasily Lanovoy of the USSR, despite his age, feels good and continues to play in the Vakhtangov theater.

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