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The maid of honor of Sophie Turner is her co-star & # 39; Game of Thrones & # 39;

Sophie Turner is Maisie Williams"The bond goes far beyond the sharing of the television screen. In addition to playing on sisters game of Thrones, actresses are real life friends who often show mutual affection both in person and on social media. Through this beautiful friendship, the Stark sisters of HAD we will have a very special mission this summer where they will play one of their own the most important roles in real life: the bride and the maid of honor. It is not clear when it happened, but Sophie confirmed that she asked her imaginary sister to be one of her bridesmaids of honor for her upcoming marriage to Joe Jonas. "I don't know why he's thinking about it – I'm giving her the bridesmaid dress of honor!" He said during the premiere of the series last season. "It's my maid of honor, one of the two!" She said excitedly.

Sophie Turner y Maisie WilliamsSEE THE GALLERY

Maisie Williams was confirmed as one of Sophie's bridesmaids

Sophie showed up at the final HAD premiere accompanied by her boyfriend. "It means having so much here, it's just the best support, the best person to calm down and keep me calm and, if I end up crying, I have a shoulder to cry on, so it's nice. So happy it's here," he said. This being the grand finale of the series after almost ten years, there was a chance to cry.

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Although Sophie has revealed the name of one of her bridesmaids, the rest of her bridal party remains a mystery. Being she has a close relationship with her future mother-in-law, perhaps she will choose one of them to be a maid of honor. Only a few days before Sophie was seen on the beach with Joe and his two brothers, Kevin is Nick Jonas and his wife, Priyanka Chopra. It is evident that all three "sisters" agree very well, as seen in the most recent video of the band in which they are nicknamed "Jonas sisters".

Sophie Turner and Joe JonasSEE THE GALLERY

Sophie and Joe Jonas should tie the knot summer 2019

It seems that Joe Jonas cannot wait for the big day, as he is ready to meet the woman he loves. Asked about the day they say "Yes," the singer joked, "Nick's 18 marriages were incredible. And Kevin had a snowstorm, so I learned to have only one wedding and not December.

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Although we don't know much about their upcoming marriage, it is very likely that it will take place in England since Sophie greets you from there. Something we know is that there will be a rugby match like Joe revealed. Many members of the future spouses family are fans, and it has come to our attention that there will be a meeting between Jonas and Turners. What a fun way to celebrate!

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