The Lovebirds trailer puts Kumail Nanjiani and Issa Rae in a hilarious murder mystery

Mysterious murder as a tried and true genre in the cinema. The public has been enjoying this type of film for decades, while trying to find out who the unit is before the detective on screen. Rian Johnson recently had great success with his murder mystery comedy Knives outside, which continues to make money and has even inspired plans for a sequel. Fortunately for moviegoers, there is another one of these films that comes: Michael Showalter’s The lovebirds.

Michael Showalter has had a successful career, directing successes such as The great sick Y Wet hot american summer. His new romantic comedy The lovebirds Follow a couple while they accidentally get involved in a murder mystery. Kumail Nanjiani and UnsafeHe is the star of Issa Rae as the couple in question, and the movie looks like a wild journey. Check out The lovebirds‘first trailer below.

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