The Jonas Brothers have just shared the untold story of what really inspired them to come together


The Jonas Brother are back together and better than ever.

After following their separate ways to focus on their life and career, the brothers band made its long-awaited return to the beginning of this year.

The Jonas brothers
Nick Jonas, Joe Jonas and Kevin Jonas | Rebecca Sapp / Getty Images for The Recording Academy

While it took years and many conversations at heart for these brothers to even consider being a band again, the idea of ​​getting together actually came from an unlikely source.

It all started with a tweet

2019 will be a year that many of us will never forget because it was the year that the Jonas Brothers came together.

6 years after the band confirmed their division, JoBros made their official return to music, showcasing their improved relationship as brothers.

At the beginning of this year, fans took a look at the unexpected division of Kevin, Joe and Nick Jonas in their documentary Amazon Prime Video Chasing happiness.

During the film, they went into the details of their ascent and fell as a band and even shared the way their bond as brothers suffered at the hands of their fame.

While they wanted to work on their communication skills and a brutally honest drinking game to help them get back together as a band, the Jonas Brothers recently revealed that these were not the only things that convinced them to come together.

During a recent sold-out performance at the Grammy Museum for a crowd of 200 people, the brothers revealed the untold story of what initially led them to consider coming back together.

The Jonas brothers
The Jonas Brothers at the GRAMMY Museum | Rebecca Sapp / Getty Images for The Recording Academy

"It started as a seed planted in my brain by some comments on Twitter," revealed Nick Jonas. "There were some comments about how much someone wanted us to come back together. And they were singing "Anno 3000" which made me think, this is a song that in the last two years in the first iteration didn't sound "

The singer "Jealous" continued, "we were so at odds with our authentic self and creative center and what made us who we are, that I think we love fun, don't take guys too seriously, we started for let our insecurities lead the conversation, so we stopped playing the songs that some of our fans loved so much. "

We can all thank "a group of university-age children"

Although the idea of ​​reunion had crossed their minds, it was not the band that started coming across tweets from fans who actually started considering working together again.

With so many old and new fans turning to social media by urging JoBros to make their return as a band, conversations about a possible meeting soon begin.

"I [tweets] said:" I wanted them to come back to see ["Year 3000"] live, "revealed Nick Jonas." I started thinking about it a little bit that maybe it's a a whole new group of fans who were actually embarrassed to love the Brothers at some point in their lives and now they can really enjoy them because, like all of us, the things we were embarrassed about when we were younger become the things we love about ourselves when we are older. It was a beautiful thing to see. "

Although Joe Jonas took some time to accept the idea of ​​rejoining, Kevin Jonas was on board right from the start. "I was all in," the father of two confessed. "We broke up as a band and Danielle and I had our first daughter Alena about two months later. He has never experienced the Jonas Brothers. At this point he is probably three or four years old when we have this conversation. "

Jonas was open to his desire that his two young daughters see him perform on stage and do what he loves. "I just looked down while sitting in the room while we were talking and it was one of those moments when I need you to experience it," he continued. "If it's not for me, it's for them. That was the moment when I realized how much I missed it. Because there it was hurt but I missed my brothers too."

Although they considered the idea of ​​getting together, it wasn't until the brothers started shooting Chasing happiness when they finally made their decision.

"The conversations were fun, it's a bit sad and it's really interesting," said Joe Jonas. "We tell the story of the Jonas Brothers for people and maybe we are a little more honest than we were in the past. That process was really healthy, and that's how we all came to the idea of ​​doing it really again. "

While this return was certainly a work in progress, it eventually happened and the fans couldn't be more excited about the fact that the Jonas Brothers are back together again.


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