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"The hour of the pros": Pascal Praud accused of passing "fake news" by a chronicler

Taken at the party since the end credits! This Monday at CNews, Pascal Praud opened his show "L & # 39; heure des pros" during the festivities at the Stade de France last night for the coronation of the French football team during the World Cup. In addition to the joy of the Sunday evening, the presenter returned on 6 September in the words of the press secretary of the Bleus, Philippe Tournon, in "Daily" on TMC. The latter assured that Alexandre Benalla, close to Emmanuel Macron in the midst of a long controversy this summer, had for some time taken the World Cup trophy during the descent of the French team into the -Elysées fields.

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"You have nothing!"

"It's a fake news! From the morning there are fake news that appear! It's great … What happened last night, are you talking about Benalla? It is unthinkable …", annoyed Maurice Szafran, columnist of" L & # 39; heure des pros ", while the credits were not finished, the former" Marianne "then attacked Pascal Praud:"It's fake! There is not the least evidence. You do not have the least element of early journalism research. You have nothing!".

The host of CNews defended himself by declaring that he only repeated what Philippe Tournon said. "It is fake news in what is pure! (The World Cup, etc.) Was in Mr. Benalla's bed? Do you know?", Maurice Szafran waved, before he was cut by Pascal Praud:"Not at all! I say that Philippe Tournon said: "It is Benalla who carries the cup and we were looking for it everywhere."Very annoyed, the editorialist of" Challenges "complained that the media speak too much about the case regarding Alexander Benalla, taking as an example an article from the mediator of the" World ".

"There is no journalism research!"

"You take a sentence … He does not say whether he has been searching for the World Cup for five seconds, five minutes, five hours or five days. There is no journalism research! Nothing ! This is not a testimony! (…) You are talking about an event in the month of July where we do not have the beginning of the beginning of a proof", Maurice Szafran was angry, accused Pascal Praud of doing it"a complete abuse of meaning""Speech is free on this plateau. And that is why this show has some success"the presenter decided, without re-launching his columnist. puremedias.com offers you the possibility to view the series.

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