The girlfriend Lady Gaga said that the singer is pregnant with Bradley Cooper


A girlfriend of a violent 32-year-old singer, Lady Gaga, has declassified her pregnancy. The girl assures. that the star expects a child from 44-year-old Bradley Cooper.

According to the girl's singer. Now she is in the second month of pregnancy. As proof of his words, the insider gives the fact. that Lady Gaga refused to drink alcohol at the party on the occasion of the Oscar. With such an affirmation, a friend of the star spoke in an interview with The Star tabloid.

In February of this year it was learned of the separation of the star and its agent Christian Carino.. although in the fall of 2018, the couple announced their engagement.

Lady Gaga and Brady Cooper worked together on the film "Star was born "in which the Hollywood actor debuted as a director. and the singer played an important role. Many have spoken of "chemistry" among celebrities.. but they themselves chose not to comment on these items. Bradley's beloved daughter and her daughter's mother, Irina Shayk, have seen nothing reprehensible in the couple's relationship.

Irina Shayk and Bradley Cooper have met since 2015. lovers have a daughter, Leah de Cen. but they are not in a hurry to officially register their relationship.