The Florida man calls police on comic Ahmed Ahmed after the joke from the Middle East made him & # 39; uncomfortable & # 39; makes


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By David K. Li

A man from Florida called the police to report a Middle Eastern comedian who he believed had told a joke that showed support for terrorism.

Stand-up strip Ahmed Ahmed, of Egyptian descent, has poked fun at a Saturday night performance at The Comedy Club in Naples, Florida with negative stereotypes about Muslims.

"Clap if you're from the Middle East," Ahmed said, according to a clip on the club's Facebook page.

After a few cheers, Ahmed snapped, "Okay, we got a hand from us here, nice, but hey, it only takes one of us … to tell a joke."

At least one member of the audience did not get the punch line.

The man called the Collier County Sheriff & # 39; s Department and told an assistant sheriff that Ahmed organized people from the Middle East departments to commit possible terrorism.

"He said," That's great. "He said: & # 39; We can organize our own small terrorist organization & # 39 ;, and I don't think that's right. I mean, it really bothered me, & # 39; said the caller, according to the call audio that was released by the sheriff & # 39; s department. "And I cried out, and the paddy car will be outside to get you all."

The man added: "My wife and I looked at each other and we felt very uncomfortable."

The caller told the authorities that he was only at the club because he received free tickets.

Ahmed told NBC News on Wednesday that the "it only is one of us" rule in his regular act and that this never led to a setback.

"I have told that joke about 1000 times around the world," Ahmed said. "Whatever you've heard and what I've said are two different things."

The comic said he was hanging out after Saturday's show to meet fans who wanted to talk to him or take photos.

"Terrorists don't do meet-and-greets," the comic said. "We don't say," Death to America! "and then: & # 39; But wait, let's do selfies first. & # 39;"

Delegates came to the club that had been left on Sunday for Ahmed's set that evening, interviewed briefly and left without incident.

"They couldn't have been nicer," Ahmed said of the answering delegates. "One of them said:" Do not change anything, keep doing what you are doing. "That was refreshing to hear. & # 39;

Club owner Brien Spina said he has booked Ahmed with his club for more than a decade and will not stop now.

"It was a great joke for me, I am behind him," said Spina, who booked Ahmed for another performance on Wednesday of next week. "His show is great."

The comic said he has no malicious attitude towards the caller. If anything, he wants to shake his hand.

"I want to say to him," Thank you, "Ahmed said. "He got more publicity for me in that one phone call than ever. You want to talk about a hidden blessing."