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The father of Mona Farouk in "The Father of the Spirit": "Has anyone who has worked with him a lawyer?" Al Watan Egyptian newspaper

The artist Ehab Fahmy, a member of the Syndicate of Representative Professions, described the steps the syndicate has taken to arrest an artist: "If the artist is a member of the syndicate, he remains with him until the last trial and the last judgement.

Fahmi explained to al-Watan: "If the artist was not a member of the union, then we can do nothing for him."

And about the support of Mona Farouk in her position after her arrest, today, especially after collecting the work in the series "Father of the Spirit", he said: Is every person I worked with him a lawyer?

Ehab Fahmy was arrested in the role of the father of the artist Mona Farouk in the series "The Father of the Spirit".

The Department of Arts Investigation at the Ministry of the Interior arrested the representatives Mona Farouk and Shema Al-Hajj, on charges of committing a blatant act.

Activists on social networking sites have distributed a porn video that has recently spread to someone who would be a well-known director, with the suspect dancing in his underwear, which angered the users of Social Media.

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