The daughter of R. Kelly speaks out about & # 39; monster & # 39; father – CNN


Joann Kelly, who bears the name Buku Abi, placed a long statement on her Instagram stories that started Thursday with "Buku, I just want to say a few things …"

"Before I start, I just want it to be known that I speak from the heart, nothing I say or do not say is to hurt ANY party that affects this or because of it," the statement said. "For the people who feel that I am talking to everything that is going on, I just want you all to understand that devastation is an understatement for everything that I currently feel."

R. Kelly has come under fire in the aftermath of the recent Lifetime documentaries "Surviving R. Kelly" in which allegations of abuse, predatory behavior and pedophilia against the singer are described.

Kelly has consistently denied the accusations and has never been convicted of any crime committed to them.

Abi is one of three children born from Kelly and his ex-wife, Andrea Kelly, who also appeared in the docuseries and shared her accusations that he had been abused by him.

Abi apologized "if my silence on everything that happens, comes across as carefree."

"That is my last intention," she wrote. "I pray for all families and women who have been affected by my father's actions." Trust, I am deeply affected by all this. "

Dozens of accusations from R. Kelly

She said she had a hard time processing everything and finding the right words.

According to Abi, she has been alienated from her father for a while.

"Anyone who knows me personally or has followed me over the years knows that I have no relationship with my father," Abi said in her statement. "Neither do I talk about him or on his behalf, I also do not like dealing with my personal problems or personal life via social media, but I feel that things get out of hand."

Then she discussed how "Memories of how terrible my father is, how we should speak to him, rude remarks about my family, inventing me, my brothers and sisters and the part of our mothers" etc. Does not help my family ( I, my sister, my brother and my mother) in our healing process. "

& # 39; The same monster you all have to deal with is my father, & # 39; Abi wrote. "I know very well who and what he is, I grew up in that house."

She ended her statement by thanking her family's supporters for helping what she said was a difficult time.

"Family, friends, followers, fans, etc .. I love you to pieces," wrote Abi. "Your love is appreciated and will always stay that way."