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The complete story of Khaled Youssef's crisis and his relationship with the "leaked videos" investigation

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Between the news of the flight from Egypt and the denial of this news, the news went to oil stain on the news sites and on the social network sites immediately after the news of the arrest of the two representatives emerging «u. And «m. Where some linked the dissemination of one of the sections, a "pornographic video" attributed to the representatives and a famous artistic and political figure, it was said that the director and member of the House of Representatives Khalid Yusuf.

The scandalous appearance of January in January suddenly ignited the cold atmosphere of January, attracted attention again, the return of sex videos and before the crisis to the forefront of the scene and of course to the memory of smart phones and through the calculations of the application «Watasab» – Sex clips under the title «witness of the famous scandal» Heroes Girls Some of their new representatives, the same sections that were distributed among parliamentarians in Parliament, in a famous incident under the dome of two years ago.

The calendar for the publication of these sections, with the addition of new sections – puts the famous director in a real crisis after the arrest of (MV) and (SHA), and forwarded to the public prosecutor and to the frequency of the reports cited by newspapers and government sites on the tendency to raise parliamentary immunity and criminal responsibility With those videos and what would have been the confessions of the girls against him.

However, Khaled Youssef deliberately absent himself completely from the scene before he appears to confirm on his personal account on Facebook that he has been subjected to a defamation campaign without clearly referring to those passages, which have been interpreted by the followers as if they deny any link to those passages sexual leaked.

On February 7, 2019, the security services of the Ministry of the Interior received the arrest of the two representatives (MP) and (SH), and sent them back to the trial, who were accused of "incitement to vice and that they declared the vice in the sections "Video video and group sex with another", without mentioning his name.

During the investigations conducted by the Nasr City Prosecution, the two artists (MV) and (SH) recognized the director and explained the position in which the film was shot, according to the state-owned Al-Ahram newspaper, which published the photos through its web portal.

A photo of the architecture of the accident site
A photo of the architecture of the accident site

The two artists have pointed out in the investigation that the apartment is owned by the director Khaled Yusuf, located in the engineers, emphasizing that he suffers from the disease of filming himself as they say.

On the evening of February 7, 2019, reports of sources at the Cairo airport were reported on a "surprise trip by director Khaled Youssef in France", hours after the arrest of the two representatives, to link the news between their arrest and if the famous director travels for fear of his responsibility and revoke his immunity as a member of the House of Representatives.

Hours and the morning after the director Khaled Youssef returns through his official account on the Twitter site and publishes the passport photos to prove he was in France a week ago with his wife and daughter. He did not travel on Thursday night, saying: " Last lie in a campaign that I hate "I traveled a week ago to Paris for my monthly visit to my daughter and my wife. This is the last lie. As for the first one, I will present all the facts to his turn to public opinion, which is the sole holder of the right. "

Tariq al-Awadhi, the director's attorney and member of the House of Representatives, said that all that was published and published on social networking sites and news sites, since yesterday the connection of his client to the arrest one of the representatives is a contradictory newspaper leak.

The representatives' union arrived on the line earlier when dr. Ashraf Zaki, the captain of the representatives, said in a television commentary: "He knows nothing of the news of the arrest of the two artists and that they do not belong to the union and that the procedures followed by the union are only with members belonging to the union, In art with a work permit is not just ».


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