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The cause of health problems in Sofia Rotaru has been mentioned

Sofia Rotaru
Sofia Rotaru / UNIAN

The famous Russian plastic surgeon Alexander Vdovin suggested that the health problems of the singer Sofia Rotaru are most likely caused by age-related changes in the body, rather than by excessive plasticity or by diets.

"I think the reasons for the age-related changes in the body." Remember that touring and constant travel also affect health ", quoted the Eg.ru doctor.

The surgeon believes that Sofia Rotaru is a woman with a taste, so she never went too far with plastic surgery.

"She did everything moderately, according to the need … To see the picture, she constantly visits the beautician and maybe makes biorevitalization, different types of deafening procedures. I believe she also in her time blepharoplasty of the upper eyelid, liposuction of the lower third part of the face and correction of the shape of the nose Sometimes the goat lift also occurred, some operations were repeated, but I will again notice: everything happened without fanaticism, "he summarized.

At the end of August, the media reported that Sofia Rotaru had been rushed to the intensive care unit in Ufa.

The singer was admitted to the hospital after she fell ill at one of the company parties where she performed. According to the doctors, the artist experienced a leap in pressure.

Rotaru himself later reported that it was okay.


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