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Dec 25, 2018, 7:40 pm IST

The Raw Women & # 39; s title was at stake last night
The Raw Women & # 39; s title was at stake last night

December is a notoriously lazy month for WWE. Particularly Christmas Eve and Christmas Day deliveries are things that we should not expect the company to make a lot of effort, but they managed to try this time, knowing that their poor content quality had been bleeding from fans for a long time.

The Christmas Eve edition of Raw was in no way a world-shattering episode, but we did get a remarkable announcement and there was more effort than you would expect in such a show. Count that as a lukewarm positive sign.

Who came away the most and the least last night?

Let's see.

Winner: Elias

With his second straight victory over Bobby Lashley, it is probably safe to assume that the rumor that Elias is getting is still on schedule. Hopefully this is the end of the feud, and Elias will continue to bigger and better things during the WrestleMania season.

This was a fun game where Elias surprisingly took the fight to Lashley. I could have done it without the egg punch at Lio Rush. Food humor in WWE is something that has to disappear, because it is usually much more bad than good.

Anyway, this was a great start for the coming year for the Drifter.

Loser: Drew McIntyre

Of course, he did not take over the pinfall, but the longer Drew McIntyre feels involved with Ziggler and Balor, the greater his sense of main event will be. Ziggler and Balor are not at all presented as threats to McIntyre's level.

A steel cage match was announced next week for Raw between the former partners. McIntyre should definitely win that and move on. Spinning too much wheel is what kills the aura that carries a star.

McIntyre should try to make statements about the Royal Rumble contest, where he should still be considered a favorite.

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