The bachelor’s champagne door is completely ridiculous

Chris Harrison He said we were on a truly wild trip with Champagne-Gate, and he has been proven right. Who knew that a bottle of champagne could be so dramatic?

This is what happened. After Hannah’s whole affair was resolved (more or less), it was time for the cocktail. Kelsey was so excited to accompany Peter for a glass of champagne (a good bottle of Dom Perignon, which is expensive) that he had gotten for his birthday and that he had been saving for a special occasion, for more than a year. He had a lovely little setup completely prepared, and then, suddenly, from another room, he heard a cork stopper. Someone else was enjoying his bottle of champagne with Peter, and that person turned out to be Hannah Ann’s favorite.

Kelsey lost it completely, accusing Hannah Ann of doing it on purpose. She said no, but Kelsey was pretty sure.

Peter tried to soften things with her with the bottle (which was definitely not Dom Perignon) that Hannah Ann was supposed to use, which she first threw and then exploded in her mouth, so she spit champagne everywhere. the.

Kelsey continued by stating that Hannah Ann knew it and called it a false and calculated and pretty princess, and Hannah Ann kept saying things like “I respect your opinion,” “I recognize your feelings” and “I apologize for feeling bad.”

Hannah Ann said there were two traps with Champagne. But wouldn’t you notice if you were popping a tremendously expensive bottle in front of a not-so-expensive bottle? And we won’t even think for a second that someone who works at him couldn’t have prevented Hannah Ann from drinking the wrong champagne if they wanted to. It was a disaster, and a disaster prepared for television, because both women were very annoying right now. We’re not sure we believe Hannah Ann, but Kelsey didn’t handle it well.

There, among all the champagne, it was time for another group date with a pretty sweet prize that had nothing to do with Peter or the champagne.

The women had to wear suits in Revolve, then go to a fashion show, and who made the best fashion show had to keep the entire Revolve closet, which is thousands of dollars in clothes and something like, Peter, who?

Immediately, Victoria F. began to lament the little confidence she has. She will get lost in the crowd! How am I supposed to compete with someone like Hannah Ann, who has all the confidence in the world? How will Peter ever see her?

It may have really felt that way, but it felt too much like an act. Like Hannah Ann’s pleasant, friendly, but chilling response to Kelsey’s champagne concerns, something felt bad, especially when she killed him, even taking off a dressing gown to reveal a lingerie on the catwalk.

Then, it all came down to Victoria and Hannah Ann, and both had to compete on the catwalk while wearing the same dress. It was strange and uncomfortable, and it turned into a bad television movie when Victoria ran off the stage to cry and say that she was done and that she was going home, while Hannah Ann was surrounded by men in tuxedos who gave her many bags of clothes. , while the head of Revolve said: “You have the best confidence and you deserve everything from Revolve. Congratulations on winning all this!”

I just felt that it could not have been written worse. As much as we would also love to compete to win thousands of dollars in clothes, seeing other women compete to do it this way felt disgusting. In truth, like a bad television movie.

Anyway, Victoria then cried to Peter about how insecure she felt, and despite Hannah Ann’s victory and her attempts to tell Peter how intimidated she felt for Kelsey, Victoria got the date up.

Peter then took Kelsey aside to tell him to stop intimidating Hannah Ann (I love it when the protagonists of this show have to take on the role of kindergarten teacher), and Kelsey continued by stating that he knew Hannah Ann stole the champagne on purpose. Peter in the middle of an argument really had no solution (except for the fact that every minute of this is on camera, maybe?).

Anyway, Champagne-Gate continues, but we hope to meet some more women because we are not falling in love with any of those we have really met so far.

The Bachelor airs on Mondays at 8 p.m. on ABC

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