Home Entertainment That's why the Dusseldorf Totens Hosen are so good

That's why the Dusseldorf Totens Hosen are so good

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Perhaps the scene with the strongest significance does not take place on stage this weekend, where Die Toten Hosen traditionally shows a meaning that sometimes does not seem to be more of this world.

Maybe she plays off the stage, as at the party after the show Campino on the dance floor takes a short ride and then Jan "Monchi" Gorkow jumps on his back, to cheer him up. Monchi is a singer of Feine Sahne Fischfilet, a band of young people who had previously powered the audience for their pants, and who embodies all that pants were, even at the beginning: they are arrogant stubborn people who say what do they think, without ruminating, what is the equivalent of Konversationsknigge.

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And in everything they do, they are coherently political and ultimately human, which many mistakenly and stupidly interpret as left-wing extremism. For a long time, even the fish fillets in cream are a part of the trousers family. The second generation He who opposes a "young" to the "old". One that shows that it will continue with the spirit of the pants. Come what you can

Campino and Co. are like a playmaker legend

And that's exactly what Campino and his teammates are doing on stage as well: like a playmaker's legend with the number 10, which has won all that there is to be won, and who knows there is someone there that keeps it irrefutably free, The autumn of his career knows that the football he created and celebrated will continue to be played and survived.

How to recognize it? The fun of the dead pants in this rock & roll show of two and a half hours in the arena is like chiselling on their faces. So many laughs and looking at the brand "Yes, that's how it should be! More movement and bustle, the better it is!" It was never heard. Or at least not for a long time.

Euphoria goes through all of Düsseldorf

And continue this weekend, even in the farthest corners of the city: to warm up parties and Sausen later in clubs and pubs. With hordes of people who openly appear as fans of these bands and walk on sidewalks and cobblestones, sit in trains and cars, stop at counters and bars or dance on the dance floors between the toilet and the cigarette lighter.

"All that was", Die Toten Hosen sings early enough in the first of two days of concerts, 36 complete songs. In this line: "How was your life without me?" The mass collective consciousness thinks at this time 45,000 times probably: "What are these questions! Yes, how should it have been, life? What was it? Nothing was! Life was modest It was stupid and stupid, so completely without pants at home. "

Totens Hosen celebrate up to Konfettiregen – and beyond

So let's celebrate. Until the rain of confetti and the thing with "You will never walk alone". At the end bitter and "Altbierlied". Until the "Bommerlunder", which has no stale flavor even after decades. Because there are days like this again.

And just before the Campinos jump on the back of colleagues. A symbol of euphoria, bliss and being-in-itself with oneself and the world. Sometimes it is incredible what power this material, music, can have, if only to manage it and guide it in the right channels and synapses. The Totens Hosen know this, this is what makes them so good this weekend with the concerts of the final tour for the holidays that do not necessarily have to be on the calendar to be holidays. And so does the band know?

That she is a unique "whim of nature", which probably will no longer exist in this form. But just follow other whims and be ready and now you are already training with role models and then give them security and serenity, sovereignty and carefree love for life, roaring in the arena stronger than any turbine of an airplane in the sky night above.


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