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Taylor Swift super fan went to prison for Palestine | LIFE + ARTS

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The tweet that started it all. Na'ama, the girl behind the account @LegitTayUpdates, went to prison for refusing to serve in the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF).

To Taylor Swift "stan" Twitter account gained interest when its owner was released from prison last week. The Twitter fan account, called @LegitTayUpdates, tweeted on April 2, “as most of you know, I haven't been very active in the past couple of months because I was in prison."

A "stan" is a colloquial term for a super fan who keeps track of life of the celebrity they are obsessed with, usually with a Twitter account.

Both fans of Swift and other Twitter users were curious about why the account's owner was put in prison.

The owner of the account, Na'ama, is a fierce advocate for the freedom of Palestine. She refused to enlist in military service for Israel, which led to her imprisonment for two months.

While in prison, Na'ama's friend visited her to update her Taylor Swift. As any super fan would do, Naama provided a multitude of handwritten notes and diary entries for her friend from tweet for her – from prison.

A fangirl that runs a fan page of her favorite artist making a dramatic comeback. The law requires that Israeli women serve 21 months in the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) once they reach age 18.

Na'ama refused to enlist because of her strong political opposition. She could have received exemption from military service because of her morals, but she was not allowed to wait because she was not considered a true pacifist.

Some LMU students saw the story as entertaining and unique.

Sophomore film and television production major Michael Gibbs was surprised by how casually the admin let her followers know she was in prison. "I think it a pretty wild story. That´s so bizarre because of the nonchalant way that she explains her absence from Twitter, "Gibbs said.

Something we usually do not see.

Cat Killedjian, a senior communications officer and English double major, thought it was an interesting story. "We hear a lot about the political conflicts between Palestine and Israel but at least I personally don't know any of the human aspects of it," Killedjian said. "Taylor can be such an abstract idea, so hearing about this girl who runs to account for Taylor Swift someone is so deeply affected by it adds a dose of reality to humanity."

Junior political science major Alina Mirzaian said that this surprisingly was not the first time she had heard of a "stan" account being run by someone in a country that is encountering serious conflict. "I think that social media and focusing on celebrities' lives has become a mechanism for millennials in places like the Middle East, where often times the practice of freedom of speech can result in terrible consequences," said Mirzaian.

Megan Loreto, a sophomore English and history double major, feels similarly. "I think the most interesting part of the political history of the country. Stanning Taylor Swift is simply a testament to the young age that people experience in the world such things and a reminder that these issues are closer to us than we might imagine. "

He loves her has turned into hunger for charity.

She has shared a link to a fundraiser for The Palestine Children's Relief Fund (PCRF). The PCRF offers medical support to children caught in the crossfire of Israel and Palestine. As of April 8, the fundraiser has reached $ 1,760.

Whether or not supports Taylor Swift for fun or distraction for the reality of the world, it is clear that she is passionate about what she does.

This is the opinion of Donna Borges, a sophomore marketing major from Rancho Cucamonga, California. Tweet comments to @donnaborgess or email comments to aboulas@theloyolan.com.



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