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Taylor Swift nervous about her "cat" performance?

Taylor Swift Cats nervous movies

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IS Taylor Swift nervous for his performance in the next Cats film adaptation? A new report claims that the singer is already "doing cold sweats" on his first feature film. But Gossip Cop he examined the complaint and we learned that it was actually fairly balanced.

Second Star, a tipster says "Taylor is anxious to be seen as a" serious actress ". The magazine also claims that Swift is "suffering anxiety" because its colleagues Ian McKellan and Jennifer Hudson have already been "at work" on production for a few weeks and have yet to start filming. "He wants to be at the height of his clients' expectations and to have the utmost respect, because this is the great possibility he was waiting for", adds the source of the outlet.

The alleged tabloid insider explains that pressure is increasing for Swift, who is scheduled to play the character of Bombalurina in the film adaptation of the Broadway show. "Taylor has not shot anything yet," the source notes, "and they keep pushing it back because they're finalizing the trick and blocking all the recordings." And although it is true that it has not yet started production, we have been told that Swift has remained a fantastic cat and the premise of the magazine is false.

In the days before filming Cats, Swift has posted pretty calm photos on Instagram from her trailer. Next to a photo, he wrote lightly the caption "This trailer was kindly offered by Cats the film. Cat hair on my jacket courtesy of real cats, Meredith and Olivia. " Swift has published another photo of Instagram from the outside of his trailer, along with the caption "Meow".

Moreover, Swift shared a video from the set of Cats on his Instagram storiesand he subtitled the movie, "Always too excited". It is clear that the singer is very happy to work on production, in which he will show his singing talents on the big screen. The idea that he is panicking for his new concert is simply not true.

Naturally, we are not surprised by the fake report of the magazine. Last year, Gossip Cop he busted the tabloid for falsely claiming Swift was planning a wedding with boyfriend Joe Alwyn and had asked Gigi Hadid to be her maid of honor. In the seven months since we debunk that relationship, the singer and her boyfriend did not get engaged, let alone married. Star He has already shown that he does not have a complete view of the singer's personal life, and now the tabloid is showing that he is no longer well informed about his career.


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