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Taylor Swift and Joe Alwyn enjoy a nice evening at the English pub

Taylor Swift, Joe Alwyn


Taylor Swift is Joe Alwyn they are bringing their love story to the pubs.

Recently, the couple spent the evening together at the Spaniards Inn in the Hampstead neighborhood of London and were warm during a cold evening. Alwyn wore a tweed coat, a gray sweater, and dark trousers. Swift opted for a black coat and purple jeans. He also had a scarf on his head, perhaps as protection from the rain or as a means to try to go incognito.

A source told E! News the reputation the artist and her boyfriend had a "nice evening" at the pub. "They were there for several hours on a cold and rainy night, they were in a good mood, crouched together and they looked at each other with a smile," said the insider. "They really seem to have fun in the pubs of the local neighborhood and frequent them when they are in town".

According to the source, their evenings together are "the perfect way to get out and do exactly what they want to do".

Just because she is a 10 Grammy winner (plus a plethora of other awards) and is an actor in the hit movie The favouritethis does not mean they show no respect and courtesy for the people around them.

Our insider said that Alwyn and Swift were "friendly to the staff and thanked them".

While their PDA level inside the factory is not clear, they seem to show a lot of affection for one another when they left The Spaniards Inn. Photos show Alwyn putting her arm around his girlfriend as they came out and apparently "whispered something in her ear that got a laugh".

Taylor Swift, Joe Alwyn


Talk about a love story!

This is not the first time the couple has mingled with the rest of us in an English pub. In December, the 29-year-old singer would have spent £ 50,000 and rented a beautiful Irish castle for Christmas and Alwyn herself. The sun reported at the time that they frequented the traditional Pub O & Shaughnessy during their brief stay at Glin Castle.

The two remained relatively quiet in interviews on their relationship, and it is exactly how they like it. "I do not think anybody you meet on the street spits your guts off, so why should I? And then this is defined as" strangely private "Well, but I do not think it is … I think it's normal," said the London to Mr. Porter The newspaper.

Alwyn said something like this esquire in December. When asked why people are so interested in his relationship with the singer, he replied: "I know what I think about it, I think there is a very clear line on what someone should share, or feel they have to share, and what they do not want and should not have to. "

Unfortunately for Swift fans, the singer will not be present at 2019 Grammys on Sunday. She is a candidate for the best pop vocal album for reputation, but it is! The news has learned on Friday that he will be in London for the filming.

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