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Surprise .. Shima Haj and Mona Farouk Taslman marriage contracts from the custom of Khalid Yusuf to the prosecution – Al Watan Egyptian newspaper

"The conspiracy" is the steady word of director Khaled Youssef to comment on the recurring crises in his life during the recent period, the most recent involved in the crisis of the video clip, including Mona Farouk and Shaima Haj, who prosecuted the Prosecution during continue his research in Paris.

"These are the last lies, but I will in turn present all the facts to public opinion, which is the sole person entitled," he said.

This crisis was the second in less than a month for Yousuf, after the dissemination of photos collected by the writer and media Yasmine Khatib, which originated from the silence and confirmed that what was collected by the relationship is a legitimate marriage for several years, ended with divorce, and said through her account on "Facebook": "since Several years ago I have announced my marriage and I have not revealed the identity of the husband because of considerations other than my family, and as rumors became more popular, I had to refute them by confirming my marriage with an Egyptian director and politician, which was the final chapter of the story, great love, and in the interest of remaining kindness and respect. "

"I was used to systematic campaigns and malicious rumors, I had already announced that I would not respond to these campaigns, and my family and I are bigger than that," Youssef said.

"I will one day answer all the details and conspiracies of conspiracy against me, because of my positions, who paid their taxes and insisted that I pay more every day," Yasmine said in a statement.

The year 2016 was the most prominent incident, when MP Osama Shrush broadcast a pornographic video via the Watts Aab group, in which the members of the House of Representatives were sitting, together with a letter that refers to the director Khaled Youssef and said: "Ah Halawa de Ya Khalid Bey .. A little bit of you .. O Lord, I was a director. "

In 2015, Youssef was accused of intimidation by the wife of the dean of the Faculty of Arts, Alexandria University, in his office in the Mohandeseen district. The prosecutor also filed a complaint with the public prosecutor, who also blackmailed her. with personal video & # 39; s that she received by force from her cell phone. Attended the Alexandria Film Festival and promised her assistance in acting and entering the artistic center.

"An inexpensive attempt to humiliate and blackmail some of those who hate my success, and get the honor to represent the people," Yusuf said.

Another crisis that Yusuf faced in the same year, when the media reporter Ahmed Mousa published photo's accompanied by women in abusive situations, broadcasted on the channel "echo of the" on my responsibility " country ", saying:" I do not blame Khalid Youssef and do not miss him, But I ask him to go out and banish or confirm the authenticity of the photo's. & # 39;

In turn, Yousuf said in a telephone conversation on the program "Last Day" that he will take his right to the law because it is a "fabricated" image. The Creativity Front and the Syndicate of Cinematography launched a statement in solidarity with him in the face of what they called "blackmail and distortion of the symbols of the revolution". Days until Moses had withdrawn his apology to the MP, his family and the people of his environment in the ether.

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