Supermarket ready to sell special bedding

An unconventional sleeping cure in the form of a weighted blanket is proving to be a success in helping insomniacs to rest for eight full hours.

And now Aldi is ready to sell the article as commented as part of its next range of special purchases “Sweet Dreams” on sale on January 22.

The Aldi version of the “therapy” blanket is offered to buyers for an affordable price of $ 90, and is available in two pesos, depending on body size.

The blankets, acclaimed by those who tried them, are on sale at other Australian outlets for up to $ 279.

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The difference between regular blankets and heavy blankets is that the latter comes full of small objects.

These may include granules, discs or plastic or polypropylene glass beads. Aldi’s weighted blanket is full of glass beads.

It is understood that weight, also known as the “hug effect”, helps with restlessness by reducing heart rate and increasing serotonin and dopamine levels.

“(The blanket) uses deep tactile pressure to stimulate pressure points in the body to create a feeling of being hugged. This can help calm anxiety, improve mood and sleep quality, ”read the product information about the blankets.

The article, which measures 1.22 mx 1.98 m, is available in a weight of 6.8 kg for those weighing between 55 and 80 kg, or a size of 9 kg for body weights of 80 kg or more.

The impressive collection, perfect for a bedroom update, also features a range of pillows, pillowcases and sleeping masks.

In addition to the blanket, the retailer offers pillowcases either infused with copper, which helps stop the spread of microbes, or pure mulberry silk, ideal for treating hair frizz.

The individual set, priced at $ 39.99, also includes an eye mask.

A special selection of viscoelastic foam pillows, priced at $ 39.99, has also been included as part of the discount.

These come in a variety of improved carbon styles for freshness, one that includes a refreshing gel for those who suffer during hot nights and another with lavender.

The weighted blanket of Aldi and other accessories will be available in stores from January 22.


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