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Star dossier: Sergey Shnurov

Date of birth: April 13, 1973
Birthplace: Leningrad, RSFSR, USSR
Zodiac sign: Ram

"No one except" Leningrad "can give a public holiday, yes, Leningrad is a holiday and we do not hesitate, we are the only holiday group in Russia."

"I'm often ashamed of my unreasonable popularity, and on many occasions I'm ashamed, and everything that happens to me now and two or three years ago is an opportunity to think about my own destiny."

"Russian pop music has now taken on such a form, such as mass … Pop singers work on the show in great detail, they really make a quality product, we leave the content out of the hook, but the fact that they grow is visible. "

Biography of Sergei Shnurov

Born as the destroyer of canons and the troublemaker Sord (as it is called by the people) in the northern capital, in a family far from music: Nadezhda Evdokimovna and Vladimir Pavlovich were engineers. In his school years, Seryozha was a hooligan boy, but he remained so. Music was his biggest hobby, he even went to the music school for five years. It is true, as the musician himself later admitted, he can not tolerate the violin, in the class he studied. From the eighth grade Sergei started studying rock music.

Where should the son of engineers continue his studies after graduation? Of course, at the Leningrad Institute of Civil Engineering. Sergey soon got bored with studying technique. He decided to become a restorer, for which he graduated from the university.

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Then he went to the Religious and Philosophical Institute of the Faculty of Philosophy, but he also threw this university. However, the benefits of his study were all the same: Shnurov's speech was enriched with complex words that he no longer feared.

Strings and music

At the same time Sergei Shnurov realized his childhood dream: he became a musician and created the Alkorepitsa group (1991), which played in the style of hardcore rap. Two years later the ensemble collapsed and Sergei founded an electronic music band called Van Gogh's Ear.

Sergey Shnurov
Sergey Shnurov

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In the early 1990s, Sergei was already married to his first wife, Maria Ismagilova. When he was only 20 years old, he got a daughter, seraphim. So it was necessary to exist in one way or another, to feed the family. During this period Sergei tried himself in different professions: he was a blacksmith and a glazier and a designer. I had to work as a loader, and even as a guard at a kindergarten.

On January 9, 1997 Sergei Shnurov created the Leningrad group. Sergey did not immediately become the soloist of the group, but only two years later. Initially he was a bass player.

"When I make songs, I do not think it will be a hit, I never hope, and I never expect anything from people."

In 2008 Sergey Shnurov announced the closure of the Leningrad group. And on September 26, 2008 the musician created the ruble group.

"Pity is an unproductive feeling, I drive it on myself and with success, I never regret what I did."

And in 2010 the "Leningrad" group was revived. Then the musicians came up with a slogan, which is still being followed: "They live for profit again".

"We, the" Leningrad "group, and Leps sing live, the rest – under the plywood."

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In the history of Sergei Shnurov 26 soundtracks for films and TV shows. Among them is the music for the cult film "Boomer", for which he earned almost nothing.

Sergey Shnurov
Sergey Shnurov

Sergey Shnurov and new genres

Extraordinary musician who is eagerly invited to television. He managed to work on different channels: he led the "Leningrad Front" program (Channel Five, 2005), "Cord Around the World" (NTV, 2006), "Okopnaya Zhizn" (NTV, 2008). , "History of Russian show business" (STS, 2010), "The Cult of the Tour" (Match TV, 2015-2016) and "About Love" (Channel One, 2016). Shnurov became one of the mentors of the show "Voice" -2018 on Channel One.

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The subject of painting to a graduate from a restoration school is more than close, so it is not surprising that Sergei Shnurov was interested in painting. Admittedly, he writes his canvases in the style of "brand realism", which he himself invented, only for sale, to make money – he is not interested in any other way.

Because of the colorful appearance and the natural artistry Sergei Shnurov was repeatedly invited to the cinema. To recall at least the comedy "Election Day", where he played the leader of the punk rock band "Nenormals" and sang the song of Alexey Kortnev about the candidates, or his John in the drama "Moth Games". On the set of this film Shnurov met his future lover – Oksana Akinshina. The actress was then 15 years old.

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In 2007 the shocking director of the Mariinsky Theater, Vasily Barkhatov, invited Sergei Shnurov to play the lead role in the opera Benvenuto Cellini. It is true that Cord did not sing, but simply uttered the text of the role.

Personal life

With the first wife, Maria Ismagilova, Sergei Shnurov met the Religious-Philosophical Institute. In the marriage, in 1993, the daughter of Seraphim was born.

The second marriage – with the former director of the collective "Pep-si" Svetlana Kostitsyna. Apollo's son was born in 2000.

He lived for 8 years with his third wife, Elena (Matilda) Brainstormy, and on 15 August 2018 the couple officially divorced.

October 10, 2018 Sergey Shnurov with a new lover (it is rumored that this model is Ksenia Kostrovskaya) filed an application with the Land Registry.

Interesting fact

At that time, when the Leningrad group was founded, there was no city: in 1991 the city of Leningrad was renamed St. Petersburg. But the group was so named in memory of the city in which the musician was born, in memory of the life in which he lived.


With the "Leningrad" group
1999 – The Bullet
1999 – "Degree without electricity"
2000 – "Summer Residents"
2001 – "Made in Ass"
2001 – "Bullet +"
2002 – "Pirates of the twenty-first century"
2002 – "Point"
2003 – "For the Millions"
2004 – "Babarobot"
2005 – "Huinya" (with The Tiger Lillies)
2005 – "Bread"
2006 – "Indian Summer"
2007 – Aurora
2011 – "Henna"
2011 – "Eternal Flame"
2012 – "Fish"
2012 – "Evening Leningrad"
2014 – "Our beach"
2014 – "Filling"
2018 – "Everything"

The official site of the "Leningrad" group

VKontakte official page

Instagram official page

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