Stan Lee & # 39; s former manager charged with parent abuse


A warrant has been issued for the arrest of Keya Morgan, the former manager of Stan Lee, about five reports of elder abuse against the legendary Marvel comic designer. Lee died last year at the age of 95 from heart and respiratory problems. His death was one that influenced comic book fans around the world. He was worshiped for many reasons, but mainly because of his short cameo spots in every Marvel movie. Fortunately, Marvel Studios was able to fit one last cameo during him Avengers: Endgame, act as an emotional farewell for fans, friends and family.

Before his death, Lee had countless health symptoms in the course of 2018. At the beginning of the year, the comic designer was admitted to hospital due to an irregular heartbeat, followed not long after by an intense form of pneumonia. In addition to the health problems, there were already rumors about Lee about parent abuse. A report was released in April 2018 describing in detail that the 95-year-old benefited from the memorabilia collector Keya Morgan; Lee & # 39; s former publicist, Jerry Olivarez; Lee & # 39; s former road authority, Max Anderson; and his own daughter, J.C. Lee. He was quick to deny the report, but now evidence has emerged that puts the late Marvel legend back in the spotlight.

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According to Reuters, Keya Morgan, Lee's former manager, was sued Friday with five counts of elder abuse, including "False Prison," and, "Fraud and counterfeiting are the result of an incident last summer when Lee was 95 years old." A spokeswoman for the Los Angeles Superior Court public information office also added that "an arrest warrant was issued for Morgan." Morgan was originally a memorabilia collector from New York who started working with Lee in 2017.

Stan Lee cameo in Ant-Man

This is not the first time Morgan has encountered legal problems with Lee. His former manager was given a restraining order in August 2018 on behalf of Lee. A month prior to the restraining order, Morgan claimed that armed men demanded money from Lee at his home. The claim turned out to be false, which led to the immediate arrest of Morgan for filing the fake police report. At the time, many believed that Morgan was manipulating Lee to gain control of his legacy. It is unfortunate to see that that belief is true.

It is heartwarming that justice is done to the maker even after his death. Although it is incredibly heartbreaking to think there are some people who want to take advantage of nice people, such as Lee, who simply want to make the world a happier, brighter place. Stan Lee left a positive impression on the world with the heroes he created and gifted to Marvel fans around the world. It is a shame that even in his old age, Lee relied on the characters he gave so much light and love in more than the people closest to him. This news is a good sign that, like Marvel's stories he has made, justice prevails over the mean and greedy acts of others. His legacy is one that will live on for years.

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Source: Reuters

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