Sick Khlebnikov was carried in his arms around the apartment for five years


Marina Khlebnikova spoke frankly about her illness for the first time. The singer admitted that she cared for her ex-husband Anton Loginov, who later suffered a stroke and then committed suicide.

Rumors about the state of health of Marina Khlebnikov do not diminish for a month. The actress has changed a lot in appearance and has dropped to 41 kilograms. As the star itself admitted, her sudden illness fell on her head like snow. "Cut down … A professional maxillofacial surgeon in a flash could see on my face that surgery was not plastic, but an injury. How many stitches are on me," the 90s star began her confession.

It was because of her swear that she stopped performing. "There was only a house and endless hospitals, it seemed that life was over, there were fewer friends left, I didn't want to see anyone …", – 7 Days quotes the publication.

So much so that Marina could not even move through the apartment. All this time beside Khlebnikov was her ex-husband Anton Loginov. "Toja in the literal sense of the word, he carried me in his arms – to the kitchen, to the toilet. Cooked broth and smeared, drove to the doctors. Step by step they went outside together. It took five years, "the star shares.

And last year, shortly before Loginov's death, she came to her parents' village and a new accident happened. "There were a lot of flies for some reason, by the way it's considered a bad omen, bad news, but then I didn't think about it. I climbed on him, forgetting completely that my mother warned me from childhood:" Marina , don't stand on this chair, it's unstable! "Well, I flew back to the floor.

When she went to the doctors, it turned out she broken eighth, seventh and sixth vertebra. "Soft-boiled! I take painkillers – it doesn't help. I walk in a corset – but I can't sleep in it, it hurts to sit." The arm hangs on a pendulum, they implant an iron pin, it's not the first alien thing in my body … ", said Khlebnikov.

However, she does not lose optimism and tries again to overcome all life difficulties. "Faced with sadness, which seems stronger than ever, one can find the power to live on," the singer of the hit "Slanting Rain" sums up.

Where Marina Khlebnikov went.According to friends, the star of the 90s Marina Khlebnikova became depressed and began to abuse alcohol after the suicide of her beloved husband.