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The leader of the Leningrad group, Sergei Shnurov, congratulated the Russians on the International Women's Day in an unusual way. He posted a message about boy-bobs on Instagram, March 8th.

In the poem, the artist speculated about the problem of domestic violence:

Materials on the subject

00:01 March 7th

Here the alignment is still the same;
Although someone asks, but in fabulous Russia,
More often peel women men.

The performer gave an example when a woman "otmudohala otmenno" his partner because of drunkenness, because "he is thin, and in his wife a centner of weight". Moreover, according to Shnurov, the life expectancy of men in Russia is less due to the fact that they are often beaten by their wives.

The musician summarized that men still have to congratulate women on the holiday to not get into trouble.

And therefore, even the sex of the women and weak,
But fist is not a weak, stern face.
Congratulate her with Fight Baba,
Not to wallow in hospitals.

The law on the decriminalization of domestic violence was adopted in February 2018. According to the document, in cases where a man was committed for the first time by a man, he was transferred from the category of criminal offenses to administrative offenses.

According to the report of the organization Human Rights Watch, the decriminalization of injuries in Russia has led to negative consequences: the aggressor more often feels his impunity and law enforcement agencies ignore the complaints of women. In addition, most of the abuses are punished with fines, which are usually paid from the family budget.

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