SGA publishes the results of the autumn parliamentary elections 2019


On October 8, the Student Government Association (SGA) released the results of the 2019 fall election. The annual autumn elections are aimed at reaching the age of one and occupying vacant seats in the Student Government Association.

The field consisted of six candidates for the class president, two for the senate and seven for the assembly. At the end of the parliamentary term, 10 freshers and two seniors were elected to the organization. Due to the need for three senate positions for the first class elections, a special election was held in the week of September 30, in which candidates were selected who had lost an earlier race.

Maggie Di Pesa, Chief Operations Officer, was pleased with the turnout. "We are thrilled with the enthusiasm we saw during this election cycle," said Di Pesa. "We look forward to a productive year with our new members."

However, this choice was different than the cycles in the past. For the first time on 24 September, the SGA introduced a city hall for parliamentary elections. This event at McGuire Hall gave each candidate the opportunity to interact with his classmates, express their goals and aspirations, and answer the pressing questions of the student body.

"It was great to see all the contestants show off their campaigns and show what they brought to the table," said Jack McCormick, class member.

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Results of the parliamentary elections in autumn 2019:

Class of the Assembly 2020:

  • Jack Higgins
  • Bekka Mingioni

President of the first class:

Senate in the first year:

  • Darielle Runner-Draper
  • Grace Gleason
  • Braya Markley

Assembly in the first year:

  • Jack McCormick
  • Sara Gomez
  • Claire Perkins
  • Lily Norris
  • Mark Salanger
  • Kayla Pomales


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