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Sergey Yursky and authorities in St. Petersburg – Blogs – Echo of Moscow, 02/08/2019 – ECHO MOSCOW radio station


The death of Sergey Yursky is an unbearable loss for everyone who loves theater. And bitterly realizing that he had to go through a great actor.

Sergei Yursky, artist of the Bolshoi Drama Theater, Leningrad authorities did not like. He was in fact forbidden to act and speak in Leningrad. His name was removed from all articles in the Leningrad press, he never appeared on the television screen in Leningrad.

In Moscow, it was still possible in a conflict situation to find protection against some of the enlightened leaders. And on the ground the full power of the provincial party secretaries was present.

Zinaida Kruglova was responsible for the ideology in the regional committee of Leningrad of the CPSU.

& # 39; She read monotonically from the papered phantom sentences about the blossoming of socialist culture and its prospects, & # 39; said Professor Efim Etkind, she said deadly, hopelessly boring, not too skilled and seemed impenetrable: no shadow of a laugh, excitement or confusion, or anything else human … She was famous for logic of Jesuits and unusually open cynicism in her circles … She had a combination of characteristics that was uncomfortably successful for such a career: shamelessness and steadfastness, complete lack of opinions or tie. "

A prominent scientist was elected honorary doctor from a Western university. But he was not allowed to attend the ceremony. Kruglova said:

– We can not let you go west. They are indifferent to their scientists, but we value and cherish our staff.

– But, Zinaida Mikhailovna, I am waiting there for the doctor's coat, not for an act of terrorism.

– As you know, – Kruglova replied, – we can not guarantee that they will not give you an injection, under the influence of which you will say what you think.

That was the ideological atmosphere in the city, where Grigory Romanov was the first secretary, who turned out to be a much harder leader than his follower suggested. Grigory Vasilyevich soon became a member of the politburo and already said with significance that in St. Petersburg the Romanovs were back in power & # 39 ;.

The intelligence of Leningrad Romanova hated and despised.

Sometimes Romanov was just burned out, he reprimanded the secretary who was busy with culture:

– Why are you going to Raikin concerts? This is so & # 39; n critic …

Arkady Isaakovich Raikin tried to follow his programs in Moscow, where he was better treated. Eventually he could not bear the pressure of the Leningrad bosses and he, together with his theater, had to leave his hometown and move to Moscow, good Raikin met Brezhnev for the war in Dnepropetrovsk, and this is the only thing that saved him. Brezhnev gave Raikin a second apartment in Moscow and when the artist asked to go to Moscow, he immediately helped. He got the construction of the cinema "Tajikistan" in Marina Grove. But seriously ill Raikin only played a few months in the new building.

Romanov asked the regional committee secretary Vasily Zakharov, displeased:

– Why does Tovstonogov come to you?

Georgy Tovstonogov, one of the smartest Soviet directors, led the Bolshoi Drama Theater. Zakharov explained to the first secretary that the theater had returned from a long foreign tour, which had received much praise from the foreign theater community and the press.

– Why does he come to you? – Romanov looked suspiciously at his subordinate.

"I lead culture in the regional committee," Zakharov explained. – And besides, you do not accept Tovstonogov at all.

– And I do not accept it! When he was a deputy of the Supreme Court, we had a whole lunch break when we walked through the Kremlin and spoke about different topics. "I do not like much of his views on politics and the problems of today's life," Romanov said indignantly.

George Tovstonogov could not protect the Jurassic and eventually became annoyed because the artist gave him so many problems. It ended with Jurassic who took a year off in the theater. He soon became Muscovite and started playing in the theater that was named after the Moscow city council. We, Muscovites, have of course only benefited from that.

Writer Daniel Alexandrovich Granin wrote in the years of perestroika an ironic novel in which a short, regional leader – everyone Romanov taught – turns from constant lies into a dwarf.

Who will remember Gregory Romanov and his assistants besides the historians of the Soviet period? A Jurassic, like Raikin, has always loved and appreciated the viewer … But this is a bad consolation! Officials tortured prominent artists and thereby shortened their lives.


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