Sergey Lazarev with "beautiful gymnasts" gave a great show in Greece


The 36-year-old singer during a performance on the Greek show effectively performed the hit Scream.

Sergey Lazarev is actively preparing for the Eurovision 2019, which will take place in May in Israel. The singer accepted the invitation and took part in the trendy MadWalk music project in Greece. For the Russians, this is a great opportunity to gain the support of local viewers.

The singer presented a spectacular number in Athens. He sang the song Scream. from which goes to the competition. Dozens of gymnasts formed the company of Lazarev. which made his performance clear and unforgettable.

"A small excerpt from my spec. numbers on MadWalk in Greece. I was happy to perform again in this super rating show. Thank you for inviting Mad TV. Special thanks to the wonderful team of gymnasts Wolves Teamm for the number and dedication! "- shared Lazarev.

Sergey showed excellent vocals and broke the applause. He managed to win the sympathy of the Greek public. Video with its performance literally "has blown up Greek video hosting. "It's fun. what is the achievement now in the trends of Greece. in Youtube in 1st place, "- said the singer about his success.

As it became known. Lazarev will perform at the Tel Aviv match under "breakdown size "number 13. However. Sergey insures. he loves this figure. He hopes. that viewers will appreciate his composition.

Lazarev celebrated his birthday in Greece. He intrigued the fans. "nude photo in bed. According to bookmakers. Russian is one of the favorites "2019 Eurovision Song Contest.