Selena Gomez felt “ exhausted from life ” while recording

After struggling publicly with health problems and having the tabloids follow her in every movement when it comes to their romantic relationships, Selena Gomez He is claiming his narrative through his music.

A week after the release of their third studio album, Rare, the 27-year-old singer spoke with Billboard on how her latest album helped her find peace.

“I wanted an album that made people feel something,” he told the publication. “Whether it has been a difficult relationship to get through, or regain your trust, or agree to have fun. So there are different levels, and I am so grateful that it ended up becoming what it is now, after half past four years “.

Despite a successful result, the recording process was not always beautiful.

When asked about the song “Vulnerable” from his latest album, Gomez shared that it is one of his “favorites” on the album because it focuses on the strength that led him to take a leap of faith despite the result. “That is, after being completely exhausted from life or whatever … I became bitter for a while. I was extremely bitter and very dry. I was disconnected from my feelings for so long,” he said.

Gomez added: “But I’m going to therapy, I talk about everything I’m walking through. I felt like,” Why do I do this? Why do I give myself to people, even if they are just friends or random people? Why do i do that? “And I realized that it is because one of my strengths, which I thought was a weakness, is to be vulnerable. So, when we worked on the song, that was exactly where it started. If I can give you everything myself, can you take that and take care of that? And if you’re not, I’ll still be who I am. I’m not going to have you in my life, but I’m going to be who I am. “

Throughout the interview, Gomez also talks about whether some parts of Rare They were difficult to record for her at that time and if it can be difficult for her to come back and listen to them now.

Gomez continued: “The interesting thing is that the songs … just mean something different to me now. And I think that’s a great reason why I waited. I didn’t want to be triggered by the same things: I wanted to know what I felt and then I wanted to celebrate it. And that was what happened. “

For Gomez, the song that was apparently the most difficult to write was “Lose You to Love Me”.

“When I wrote the song … it was a disaster. It was really difficult for me,” Gomez tells the publication. However, when he had to film the music video (which premiered in October), Gomez shares that it had a “completely different meaning and was very liberating.”

The singer made her return at the 2019 American Music Awards, performing “Lose You to Love Me” and “Look at Her Now”.

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“It was really fun for me, I think, because I let it go, it really meant that I also let it go inside me. And I couldn’t have asked for a better way to close a chapter in my life.” Gomez said her single, which has already reached the top of Billboard Hot 100, made her feel after the writing process was over.

Now, since the release of his album, Gomez has been busy making appearances in the press and looking more radiant and triumphant than ever.

During an appearance on Monday Tonight’s show starring Jimmy Fallon, the singer also revealed to the host Jimmy Fallon that there are more songs that he recorded that did not reach the final cut.

“There are some other songs that I couldn’t avoid but I want to exist,” Gomez told Fallon. “I really can’t say when, but one of my favorite songs is called” Boyfriend. “Therefore, I can’t wait for people to hear that song.”

In general, with Rare, Gomez is ready to tell her story after stopping and holding on for so long.

“There came a point in my life where so many things were said in my name, and I found myself protecting people who really didn’t protect me, but I had the right to tell my version of the story,” Gomez said. Fallon last night. “And I felt that it was so liberating because I almost felt that I had let it go, personally, inside me once I was outside.”

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