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Secularity: for Macron it is possible to have an "ambitious reform"

Emmanuel Macron justified Tuesday to place the theme of secularism on the topics of the big debate, given the fact that it is possible to make an "ambitious reform" on this subject and that the French "make proposals about what they do ". life".

"I proposed to debate this issue because it is a real concern for many of our fellow citizens," the head of state pleaded at the launch of this debate at Grand Bourgtheroulde (Eure) and while the executive power intends is the law of 1905 to review the separation of churches and state to better frame Islam.

"The law of 1905 (…) is a law of freedom that allows in our country to believe or not to believe, to believe in all religions without being bored, and to respect absolutely all laws of the Republic by believing in religion or not, this is secularism, "said the head of state, whose audience in public is rare on this subject.

According to him, "it is not a law against any religion, it is not a law of neutrality of society – there is a neutrality of the state and public services – but (a law) that allows a concordat in society ".

And to recall the objectives of the executive: "What I want is that it is well applied." Today we have several challenges (…), so that the financing of religions in our country is clearer, so that no people who use a religion to distract people from the Republic, we have a challenge of a good organization ".

"I believe we can implement a truly ambitious reform to strengthen secularism in our country," he said, and he called for this to be done in an "extraordinarily peaceful way" with the desire to "get out of all the simplisms" and all ostracisms ".

He begged to stay "in the philosophy of 1905, that of (Aristide) Briand (rapporteur of the law, etc.) to which I am particularly attached".

"I am interested in the opinion of people, I am interested in hearing people everywhere in France about this topic and they are making proposals about what they are living," he concluded.

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