Scandal in the show "Voice. Children"


The thunder struck on Friday and the echo can be heard so far. Why is everyone arguing so fiercely unexpected and unfair according to hundreds of thousands of people victory girls from a rich family in a vocal show? What made us all so worried, because many don't watch TV?

At the request of KP, a well-known political scientist, lecturer and publicist, associate professor in the public administration department of the Institute of Social Sciences of RANEPA under the president of the Russian Federation, a member of the presidential council for the development of civil society and human rights, candidate of the political sciences Ekaterina Shulman evaluates the situation.

"From the point of view of the social sciences, the scandal is an important sociological marker. Contrary to what many people think, people do not worry about what is not affecting them and what is not important to them. If there is a scandal in which people are mass involved, this means that a certain socially significant problem is being discussed under different pseudonyms and for different reasons.

What is this socially important problem here? It is clear that this is injustice and inequality. These are the words that sociologists have heard most often over the past year and a half about focus groups and during surveys; This is what most people blame. And not just inequality – say, means – but inequality of rules – that is, the absence of a general law for everyone. Unlike popular prejudices, people are not annoyed by the fact that the rich are rich, not that they lead a luxurious life. People are irritated by different norms that apply to different people: what someone permits is impossible for others, and vice versa.

In this situation [в шоу «Голос. Дети»] several triggers came together at the same time. First, the same injustice, and in a place where on the contrary should be a public triumph of justice: in open competition. Secondly, the children here are the mega trigger. Everything that has to do with children attracts attention and people are extremely emotionally concerned. In our country, people experience their parental role as social and even as political – perhaps due to a lack of room for legal political activities.

The daughter of the singer Alsou Mikel became the winner of the "voice" of the children. Photo: Maxim Lee

Moreover, it is a publicly played fairy tale, like all games of this type. They all play the story of Cinderella, that is to say of unrecognized talent, that gets recognition. Therefore, according to the scenario that people expect, the socially disadvantaged participant must win – the poor, imperceptible as it was, for example in United Kingdomtrue, in a similar competition, Britain & # 39; s Got Talent in 2009 won Susan Boyle, and this caused an explosion of emotions around the world as they watched TV.

The winner of the British talent show Susan Boyle. Photo: GLOBAL LOOK PERS

The winner of the British talent show Susan Boyle.view: GLOBAL LOOK PRESS

That zamarashka should become a princess – this is the point! If the princess becomes a princess again, he will disappoint people at least. But when this violation of the archetypal scenario also adds the obvious, as it seems to people, plays along with material or power sources, then this is just a recipe for the & # 39; ideal storm & # 39 ;, the ideal scandal. Everything is immediately mixed here, and it is at that social moment that it is particularly disturbing for people. Because, back to the beginning, now the subject of injustice and inequality is the key, the most politically meaningful.

The fact that rich people or bosses do not abide by the rules, they can do anything, they get away with it, but ordinary people cannot do anything – roughly said, the scheme of public outrage that played out here. "

Scandal in the show "Voice. Children": daughter Alsou won, but the country was against it


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