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Rudy Giuliani knew exactly what he was doing

Among the most slandered figures by the mainstream media during the Mueller investigation there was Trump lawyer Rudy Giuliani. The former mayor of New York was called "doddering and senile". A great man who throws away his rich inheritance at the foot of a condemned and corrupt presidency. Now that the Mueller investigation has eliminated Donald Trump from collusion, we can see how silly these accusations were.

Last May, after Giuliani had confirmed in a television interview that Trump was aware of payments to Stormy Daniels, apparently a big blunder, James Downie had said this to the Washington Post:

"It was bad enough for the president that he had to settle for Giuliani after other more capable legal minds like Theodore B. Olson rejected him. It is even more embarrassing that, after Giuliani's other disastrous interviews, this White House is still in placed with him representing the president on a great talk show. With the talent pool around Trump so superficial, it's no wonder the president can't stop stumbling over himself. "

More recently, in January of this year, Mother Jones went further: "Many people wonder what the deal is with this. Giuliani is crazy? Senile? Totally out of control? Or what?"

Now that the dust has settled in the Mueller probe, the answer would seem to be "an extremely competent and effective defense lawyer whose client has been authorized".

Giuliani was as much a public relations man as a lawyer for weeds, according to many reports. And the initial "gaffe" of Trump's admission had Michael Cohen pay off Stormy Daniels was actually a clue regarding his general approach. At the moment I wrote this on these pages:

"The journalists shouted that Giuliani had arrived in front of the White House, that the communication team was blinded by his revelation. But he was just coming out of the truth, and maybe he didn't tell the White House staff why he didn't want that leaked before he had the chance to tell the story first. "

During the last year, this was Giuliani's approach. Put yourself in the face of harmful news unrelated to collusion and putting pressure on Mueller to complete his investigation as soon as possible. This dual plan has worked perfectly perfectly so far.

When Michael Cohen testified before the congress last month, he had something inconvenient to say about his former boss, the president. But we already knew them all, especially thanks to Giuliani. The testimony was mostly a sordid and gossipy. If these revelations had been new and landed together, it would have been a much worse day for the president.

As for Mueller, Giuliani's pressure may have helped to carry out the investigation in just over two years, not much time for investigations into special councils. Furthermore, he managed to protect his client from a personal interview with Muller, and from the potential traps for perjury that could have been set: this was a significant victory.

The former mayor underlined the fact that there was not enough evidence to sue the president and, according to CNN, it was exactly what had happened:

"The source said that the delicate discussions between Department of Justice officials and the group of special advisors, and the determination that a summons would not be pursued, were based on the perception of the evidence and the merits of the issues – separate and separated by the fact that the department's current policy requires that a current president cannot be indicted. "

It really should not be surprising that Giuliani was just as effective in the role he was. This is, after all, the man who led the case of the mafia commission in the 80s. That was, then and now, one of the greatest and most successful conspiracy actions of all time, and it was a devastating blow to organized crime. If anyone knows how conspiracy cases work, it's Rudolph Giuliani.

Indeed, it can be said that Giuliani successfully pursued and defended two of the most important cases of federal conspiracy in American history. One who shot down the crowd and another that protected the duly elected president of the United States from false accusations.

Meanwhile, he was one of the most effective mayors that New York had ever had, making Gotham absolutely from a crime-ravaged chaos in one of the safest and most economically viable cities in the country. And this not to mention his leadership in the wake of September 11th.

On Thursday, the New York Yankees have their debut at home. I hope Rudy gets a well-deserved day off to see his beloved Bronx bombers. In the last year he was ridiculed, derided and punished, he warned that he is destroying his reputation. As was generally the case in his long public service career, he was right and his critics were wrong. Now the only question left could be, what bridge will the New York City name take after him?

David Marcus is the correspondent of the New York Federalist and the artistic director of Blue Box World, a theater project based in Brooklyn. Follow it on Twitter, @ BlueBoxDave.


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