Revealed: Why Meghan Markle always wears black


It's safe to say that Meghan Markle has nailed the elegant style of a duchess, often opting for a formal black color while attending royal engagements.

However, a Royal Expert says there may be a reason why Meghan chooses to wear black.

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Her black Jason Wu was dressed in a Lion King premiere, but royal expert Richard Fitzwilliams told Express that the Duchess of Sussex wears to avoid too much attention at events.

Fitzwilliams says Meghan dresses in black to avoid upstaging the charities and people supports them during royal engagements.

Fitzwilliams, adding, "wearing black does two things, it allows the cause that she is celebrating."

Fitzwilliams explained that black is a "safe color" and "tends to mean more publicity is given to the cause and the people".

In that said, the royal expert thinks Meghan wears the "dynamic and chic" color well, in particular admiring her Judith and Charles's black tuxedo dress at a gala performance of Hamilton last year.

Fitzwilliam says making a statement which is timely at this event, and has received the attention from the Sussex brand and the musical. "

meghan and harry attend hamilton


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According to the royal expert, there is "global phenomenon" in both Meghan and Princess Kate wear.

So hey commented that their "choice of outfits makes a huge impact on different brands and a times causes a" frenzy ".

With her current prestige and royal status, she wants to be out of the limelight.


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