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Results for Armenia 2019 Loss of Treble H Show Festival of Russelimnia 35 Today 8-04-2019 wwe wrestlemania live

Wrestlingmania 35 Today 8-04-2019 wwe wrestlemania live The quests are ongoing in the current hours to look for the follow-up to the Russelmania Festival 35, which will be presented today, 8 / 4-2019, one of the sports that a wide audience has received in The Arab world and Egypt in particular, where a large audience is struggling for free, especially the young Arab and Egyptian, who love this sport and follow his new one every week

The site offers "exclusive news" Russeliania show 35 Today the important offers in the free Rawshell show and Smackdown offer are the most important offers for you to follow this sport in Egypt and the Arab world.

Results of Armenia 2019, a Rasmina show along with the basic shows of free wrestling throughout the year, alternating these shows with festivals such as the Royal Rumble Festival, which is a wrestling competition for 30 people and one person is the one who wins end in the ring and then comes Wrestlemania, Annual offers are held between March and April and are organized by the WWE.

Date and date of submission of Armenia 35

WrestleMania is looking for the dates set by the FIFA World Cup and will be the first of the festival's matches at Mottelium Stadium in eastern New Jersey, USA.

The Ramlena festival is presented on three television channels, but it is also a monthly subscription, including the official WU network channel, wwe network, and a monthly subscription of 10 USD is paid, it is broadcast in the United States and only the European Union and the channel is also a monthly subscription of $ 10. Middle East There is a free channel for the people of the European Union, channel SKY Sport channel, which is only free for all residents of European countries.

The pre-game festival starts two to four hours and contains an analytical studio for the wrestling events and some competitions held during the show, after which the main screen is extended to 6 hours due to its importance.

The festival starts with a two-hour introductory show of four hours with an analytical studio for free wrestling events and a number of games held during the show. Then we continue to the main show, which can last up to 6 hours due to the importance of the festival and the many confrontations.

Matches for Armenia 2019 35:

  • WWE World Championship: Brooke Lysner X Seth Rawlins.
  • The second rematch {Women & # 39; s Championship Smack Down and the Rogue}: – Ronda Rosie X Charlotte Flair X Becky Lynch.
  • WWE championship: – Daniel Bryan X Kofi Kingston.
  • Fourth: Dave Batista X.
  • The Fifth Battle: The Miz.
  • The Sixth Battle: Roman Reynes X Drew McIntyre.
  • Seventh Battle: The Battle of Andrea the Giant.
  • Randy Orton XG Styles.
  • United States Championship: – Samoa Joe X Rey Mysterio.
  • The tenth victory {a farewell game Kurt Angel]: – Baron Corbin X Kurt Angel.
  • Eleventh (average weight): – Body Murphy X Tony Ness.
  • The Twelfth Tournament (Intercontinental Championship): – Bobby Lashley X "Demon" Vin Ballor.
  • Last Battle: A Royal Battle for Women.

Results for Armenia 2019

First win: Cruzeirot wins Tony Nice at the expense of Paddy Murphy.

Second battle: The battle for the royal ladies Win Carmella and the last remaining in the ring.

Third stage: The doubles double – Kurt Hawkins and Zack Ryder have won the Scott Dawson and Dash Wilder team.

Fourth battle: the battle of Andre the royal giant The winner and the last one remaining in the ring is: Source Stromann.

Results of the presentation of the most important Russel mania

First title: World title WWE Seth Rawlins wins the Brooke Lesnar report.

AG Styles wins the second win at the expense of Randy Orton.

Third place: Zamalek & # 39; s double battle The Osos team wins at the expense of Shimmes, Cesaro, Nakamura, Russev, Ricochet and Black.

Fourth victory: stabilization or surrender Shin McMahn wins the Mez account.

Fifth round: Women's Doubles Tournament Royce and Kay won the Banks, Bayley, Naya and Tamina teams – the Netsalia and Phoenix teams.

WWE Title: WWE Title: WWE Title: WWE Title: WWE Title: WWE Title:

Seventh victory: American championship A great victory for Samoa Joe at the expense of the re-mastered.

Eighth defeat: redeeming accounts Roman Rynes won the Drew McIntyre account.

The 10th victory: the farewell victory of Angel Baron Corbin on the account of Kurt Angel.

Eleventh: Intercontinental Championship Finn "The Devil" Balor-Hezem- Bobby Lashley.

Twelfth: The title of the Roy and SmackDown women Becky Lynch – Hazem – Ronda Rauzi and Scarlett Flair.


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