Reportedly, Taylor Swift is planning to buy a £ 36 million London home – August 21, 2019


A source told the Page Six of the New York Post: "Taylor is looking for a big house in London with two kitchens, so she and Joe can live in privacy and have fun in the right way. They split between London and Nashville – and "She keeps sending him her jet to get them together. She has three private jets and even her hook."

Friends believe that buying a home is a sign of how solid the relationship is.

An insider said: "This is just another sign of how close they are. She is the happiest she has ever been."

Meanwhile, Taylor's friends have already revealed that the star is completely struck by her actor.

A source said: "Taylor was really lucky to meet Joe, and she's the first to say it. Joe is truly one of a kind.

"Keeping it private from the beginning. They were able to know each other in peace.

"Joe has no interest in becoming a celebrity. Their personalities are very compatible and respectful of each other's careers."

Taylor and Joe have become public with their love story in 2017 after several months of private meetings.